Black History Month – Poplar

On Wednesday 21st October Poplar class had the opportunity to do mask-making. The masks were made of a special kind of wood from a tree sometimes known as a ’miracle tree’ because it grows faster than any other tree.

We used gold, red, green, blue, white and orange. These colours represented different things: gold for wealth; red for blood, war and life; green for earth; blue for innocence; white for the spirit of ancestors and orange for the Sun.

Emily said, “the masks were inspiring because we’re not used to painting with a wooden dowel.”

We were also lucky that Noah brought in some souvenirs of his family’s time in South Africa, including a fantastic photograph of his aunt meeting courageous President Nelson Mandela and a typical shirt a schoolboy in South Africa would wear.

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Black History Month

This week in Pine class we have been learning about Rosa Parks, a heroic woman who stood up for her rights in a time of segregation. We used role play to tell her story, freeze framing the action at the key points of the story! We then retold the story in our own words.

On Wednesday we were also lucky enough to take part in an African mask decorating workshop, choosing colours to represent different attributes (Gold for wealth, Blue for innocence, Orange for the sun to name a few). We think our finished mask look spectacular, do you agree?

We have enjoyed learning more about black history and have also touched on other inspirational role models, such as; Martin Luther King and Barrack Obama. We have discovered that all of these people have showed passion, integrity, respect, aspiration and resilience! IMG_1104 IMG_1106 IMG_1102 IMG_1105

Perimeter investigation.

Poplar Maths set had fun exploring the perimeter of compound shapes. Using chalk, they carefully and collaboratively drew and measured their own compound shapes, leaving some measurements missing! Following this they swopped with another group and calculated the missing measurements. After that they totalled the length of all sides to find the perimeter. As a challenge they converted all their measurements in cms to metres. Can you explain to your parents what a compound shape means?IMG_0562IMG_0560

Poplar poets and dancers

So far this week in Poplar the children have had two opportunities to perform. Firstly, they performed parts of the atmospheric poem ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mere considering pace, volume and expression.  Subsequently they performed partner dances using the latin steps we have learnt over the last half term. Perhaps they can share some of these steps with parents!! I wonder how your talented children will express themselves next?

POPLAR – What language features have I used in my blog post???

Mrs Lee


Pine Class School Councillors

This afternoon Pine class have voted for their 2015/16 school council representatives. We heard some great speeches and it was a very close contest (only one vote between the boys)!

Our elected representatives are Cody and Megan. Well done to both of you I am sure you will do a great job. Thank you to everyone who took part and gave their speeches.

Miss Dearing

Solar Systems and Muddy Mayhem

Hello again from Pine class.

Over the past few weeks Miss Dearing has been filling up her Ipad with photo’s of us all showing passion for our learning.

We recently spent the afternoon building a scale model of the solar system on the playground (using fruit to represent the planets). Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything big enough to represent the sun! Some of the boys put their maths skills to the test, measuring out the correct distances and we all worked together to put the planets in the correct order.

On Wednesdays we have been enjoying Muddy Adventures with Miss Lindsey, so far we have only got wet once! We love building dens and trying to climb as high as we can in the trees. Miss Dearing has been really impressed with our teamwork and the positive atmosphere that exudes whenever we are out in the secret garden.

Please have a look at a small selection of our photos and feel free to leave a comment!

Pine ClassIMG_0833 IMG_0836 IMG_0839 IMG_0095 IMG_0093 IMG_0880