Year 5 are Stargazers!

We have started our new topic of ‘Stargazers’ by having a jigsaw puzzle hunt around the classroom. In groups children had a mystery planet. They needed to find all their hidden puzzle pieces and then make their puzzle to reveal which planet of the solar system they had!


Wonderful Writing!

This week we have been writing free verse poems based the short film ‘The Piano’ by Aidan Gibbons. The quality of the writing was fantastic and our poems were exceptionally emotive!

Here are a few verses from different children in Pine class.

Mixed Media Collages

To end our Time Traveller topic, we have been making a mixed media collage about our identity. This included what is important to us now and what we would like to be in the future. We had to use a range of materials to create our collage. There were some very imaginative designs!

Number Day!

For Number Day in Year 5 we made Mathematics acrostic poems! In Pine we published ours on the macbooks.

We also had a go at creating pentominoes using cubes, seeing how many different ones we could make. We then tried to see if we could use all the 12 pentominoes to make a complete rectangle. It was very challenging!


Pine’s Writer of the Week!

In Literacy this week, we have been using our class text ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ to inspire our writing. On Wednesday, we  wrote a setting description based on Tom’s secret garden. Thomas from Pine wrote a fantastic description, using excellent vocabulary and challenging himself to meet our challenge S2S. A superb piece of writing Thomas, well done!