Secret mission

Last week Miss Dearing was eager to find out what progress had been made with the newly hatched chicks, so she sent one of the pupils from year 5 down, armed with an Ipad, to take a sneaky photo!

Mission accomplished, there were 5 chicks hatched, 3 girls and 2 boys. Miss Dearing even found out how to tell the difference, thanks to her “secret agent!”

She is now really pleased that all of the chicks have hatched and has been down to see them. She even got a cuddle!

So cute and a great experience, Yr 1 and Reception you are so lucky!

Yr 5 will hopefully be receiving some butterfly cocoons to watch, we might get some babies of our own! Keep your eyes peeled!


Showing Resilience

In Pine maths set we encourage each other to be resilient in our work and show progress by celebrating our mistakes and effort when we find something challenging.

Recently one pupil demonstrated this perfectly by ‘having another go’ at some questions he had got wrong, thinking about how to adjust his method several times in order to get to the correct answer.

Well done!



What a great start to the second half of the school year! It was great to meet and teach Poplar class this week – lots of old faces and some new ones too. Here is the link to the Times Table Rap on Youtube:

It certainly got us all engaged in practising our 8 times table!

Y5 Design and Technology

IMG_0655 IMG_0658 IMG_0663 IMG_0640 IMG_0656

We have been designing and making pop up toys using a cam mechanism. After designing our mechanisms we started the making process. This has involved taking accurate measurements and learning to use tools safely. Who can remember the rules for safe use of a bench hook and hack saw?

Mrs Page

Storytelling Treat

In Year 5 we hugely enjoyed a visit from the Storyteller on Thursday. He told us a tale of Sarah Moore of Leigh-on Sea, in turn it interested, enchanted and scared us! As you can see from the photographs below we were all completely entranced. Afterwards we had a fabulous discussion about morals in stories. What do you remember from the tale? Was it true…?

IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1697

Magic Maths

This week our classroom was transformed into a school of magic! To help us to practice our measuring skills we created magic potions from a range of unusual and exciting ingredients. We worked in paris to pour and measure liquids accurately and calculate the volume of our potions. We have also been practising converting from ml to L. Mrs Money made a fabulous potions teacher!IMG_1420 IMG_1414 IMG_1410 IMG_1405 IMG_1404 IMG_1398 IMG_1397 IMG_1396

Marvellous Mountains

This week we have been learning about different types of mountains and how they are formed. We worked in groups to research our type of mountain and planned our own presentation. We used Ipads to display photos and make simple slides to illustrate our explanations. We were all able to present clearly and make our performances engaging for the audience by adding humour and expression. We also learned loads about mountains!

IMG_1422 IMG_1426 IMG_1433 IMG_1437

Gymnastics Stars in Year 5

All of year 5 have been working together to review and assess our gymnastics skills. We have practised different jumping and vaulting skills, rolling and balancing. We have performed partner balances and some of us have perfected the backwards roll! We enjoyed working with partners to decide how confident we all were in each skill and collaborating as a year group.IMG_1447 IMG_1449 IMG_1452 IMG_1456