Aging Faces!

In Year 5 we have been exploring what might change to our faces as we get older. We used the ‘Aging Booth’ app on the I-pad to see what we might look like in 30 years time. We had a great time looking into the future!


Wonderful Writing – Pine and Poplar!

During our first week back in Literacy we have practicing how to change our sentence structures to improve the quality of our writing. We then used these skills to write a setting description based on a futuristic image. Miss Caldwell has chosen Max and Miss Middleton has chosen Daisy as their writer of the week!


Taking a deep breath, Kyron stepped out of his tough time machine, wondering if his machine had actually worked. Dangerously, he began to sneak forwards towards the tallest building. His eye were widening and his teeth were chattering as he gazed at this unimaginable and mind-blowing place, hoping that he can get out alive. Bones cracking, jaw dropping, he got spotted, so he jumped into the powerful flowing river, praying the escape and stay alive!



Excited yet shocked, Rosey tip-toed cautiously towards the magical future ahead of her. She thought to herself “Am I day dreaming?”. She then looked up and she saw tall, pointy buildings towering over her. The buildings were as sharp as needles. Bravely, she walked closer to the beautiful sunset of the bright yellow sun blinding her. She looked at her attractive reflection as her eyes spotted herself in the shimmering ocean.