Star Writer!

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Congratulations to Tom in Poplar class for being awarded Star Writer for his Instruction Text on ‘How to re-pot a Mandrake’. We took our inspiration from the Harry Potter books and films. Tom achieved his objective by ensuring he included all the S2S – sub-headings, written in the present tense and in the 2nd person. As you can read, it isn’t easy to re-pot a Mandrake and if attempted, it’s advised to follow the instructions very carefully… especially the bit about wearing ear-muffs!


A picture paints a thousand words


Never was this saying more true than in Tudor times. In Poplar we have been playing history detectives and looking for the hidden symbolism in the portraits of some very famous Tudor monarchs. We discovered that a ring can be a sign of devoutness; rare jewels are a sign of wealth; and ermine fur is a sign of royalty. Even a facial expression can tell us about the personality of the subject. We looked particularly at the painter Hans Holbein and had a go at recreating his style.

Road Safety for year 5!

Both classes were fortunate enough to have Wendy from Safer Essex come in and talk to us about road safety this week. She spoke to us about keeping safe when walking along the pavement, especially in the dark, and reminded us of how to keep safe when crossing the road.

Do you know how to stay safe on the road?

Maybe you could comment with any hints and tips to keep people safe on the road?