Pine’s writer of the week!

Pine’s writer of the week is Molly who worked very hard to write independently this week.

Here is part of her adventure story:

The villain entered the door and tiptoed into the hall. The villain dashed into the hall and she fell into the hole. The villain got captured with the net and mess. The villain was captured in the hole in the ground. Emily, the villain, tried to get out but she could not escape. Emily got tied with a rope as tight it could be so the villain could not get out.

Eggstronaut parachutes

In Year 5 we have been testing the force of air resistance by making parachutes. We then tested them outside to see which parachutes would safely land their eggstronaut. We had some great success, and some not so successful parachutes!

Litter picking

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to be involved in a local community litter picking event. Armed with litter pickers and bin bags, we carefully cleaned the streets around Lawford Mead, and had great fun doing it. Well done Pine and Poplar!

Tudor Art

As part of our Tudor topic, Pine and Poplar researched about traditional Tudor outfits, then had a go at sketching them.



Welcome back!

We hope that you are all rested and ready for a new year at Lawford Mead! In year 5, we will learning about many exciting new topics, starting with the Tudors!

We hope you have a fantastic year and learn lots!

Miss Caldwell and Mrs Archer

Locating Allotments

This week in Geography, Pine class used a digital map service called Digimap to find and locate all the different allotments we have in Chelmsford. Through careful map work and research, we found out that Chelmsford has over 20 allotment sites and nearly 1000 allotment plots available to rent!

Allotment Memorable Experience

Also on this morning, we had the opportunity to explore different fruit and vegetables. The children had to feel and smell a variety of foods to try and work out what different produce they had. We had some excellent guesses and we all encountered some new vegetables we had never seen or heard of before!