Lunar Rovers!

As part of our Stargazers topic, for Design and Technology we have been designing, making and evaluation a lunar rover, which would be sent to the moon to explore this relatively unknown place. We have had some fantastic designs!

Number Day!

As part of Number Day, in Year 5 we looked at pentominoes (a shape made by exactly 5 connecting squares). We explored how many there are in total (there are 12!)

We then had a go at turning the 12 pentominoes back into a rectangle, which took lots of resilience but many children managed it!

Exploring dissolving

As part of our Science topic of ‘being real scientists’, we have looked at dissolving. The children had to design an experiment to test if fizzer sweets will dissolve quicker in hot or cold water.

Year 5 assembly

Last week, Year 5 performed their assembly all about the Black Death to parents and children. It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate what we have been learning about and all the children did a fantastic job at learning and presenting their lines.

All of the Year 5 team are very proud of the children.