Our first frog

Exciting news today!

Our first froglet has developed into a very small, but fully formed frog.  I think we should name him Henry VIII, eyes peeled for wife number one! Henry has ventured up onto his log to get a better view of the children in Pine class!

IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2128

“Shakespeare” of the week!

This week’s writing of the week has a Tudor twist as we have become “Bards” to write our own versions of Shakespeare’s “Scottish play”. This was no easy task as we had to do a lot of interpretive work to translate some of the archaic vocabulary.

Here is Lauren’s modern version of

Macbeth; Act I, Scene III:

(A heath near Forres)

(Thunder – Enter the three witches)

First Witch:       Where have you been sister?

Second Witch:  I have been killing pigs!

Third Witch:     Sister, where have you been?

First Witch:       I went out and saw a sailor’s wife, who had chestnuts in her lap and she munched and      munched and munched. “Can I have one?” Said I. “Get lost you witch!” said the horrible old                 woman. Did you know her husband has gone to Alleppo as the master of a boat called the                           Tiger. But honestly, I would rather be in a sieve than sail on the sea with her husband, it                                 would be like a rat without a tail.

Second Witch: I can give you some wind for a storm.

First Witch:      You’re very kind sister.

Third Witch:    And I will as well, so we can sink the ship.

First Witch:     I have all of the other ingredients we need to make the storm. We should make it start at the docks and make it so that before he leaves he gets hit with the storm and hardly gets out of                       it. He will not sleep through day or night for 81 nights because of his wife’s crime. Look what                          I have to add to our spell!

Second Witch:  Show me what you have!

First Witch:     Here, I have a pilots thumb.

Third Witch:    I hear a drum!

All Witches:     Here comes Macbeth!

(Enter Macbeth and Banquo)

Macbeth:       What a strange day it has been.

(Macbeth looks confused)

Banquo:        How far have we got left to go? And who are these strange creatures?

(Banquo speaks to the witches)



Marvellous Macbeth

Year 5 are still enjoying studying the Shakespeare play Macbeth. Today we have been learning a short scene from the play; featuring the witches, Macbeth and Banquo. Despite tackling some very challenging vocabulary and complicated speeches, we were all able to perform the scene. We will be rewriting the same scene, translating it for a modern audience, so that we can perform again at the end of the week.


Remember we will be looking for expression in your voices and development of the characters through actions and body language!

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Growth Mindset

On Friday we decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine by taking our PSHE lesson outdoors. We were practicing using the growth mindset philosophy to understand that it is a good thing to make mistakes and learn how to improve our work. We took our sketchbooks with us and drew a picture of a butterfly (we only had a 5 minute time limit!). We were then given an image of  a butterfly to help us draw a more detailed and realistic version. After drawing another butterfly we used our own ideas, feedback from a peer and feedback from an adult to improve our drawings each time. We all agreed that we were able to draw a better picture after some support and advice!

IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2106 IMG_2107

Wonderful Writing of the Week

This week in Literacy we have been reading Macbeth and doing some descriptive writing about the characters. Here is Jada’s character description of Macbeth.



  • Synonyms
  • Subordinate clause
  • Supporting evidence
  • Comparative connectives


Macbeth is an easily manipulated chap, who is extremely regretful for the dead that he has completed. He is also a coward-like human (who is very sorry for murdering the past king), unlike his cold-hearted wife.

In other aspects of the play, which in this case would be the second part, Macbeth’s terrifying character becomes bold and malicious, executing anyone who dares to disobey him. Furthermore, he becomes over confident, thinking that he is immortal to anyone born of a woman; well that’s what the witches told him. Do you know why Macbeth did all of this murdering and killing? He did it just to become king!

More guests!

Having enjoyed watching our butterflies grow and be released into the wild, we have now been joined by some new visitors.


So far they have settled nicely into their tank and are enjoying the lettuce (kindly cooked each day by Mrs Oomen). We are waiting for them to start growing legs!

At the moment there are too many too name, but it would be nice to start naming them after the Tudor royal family, to tie in with our latest topic!

Keep watching for updates.


Pine class enjoy Layer Marney

Here are some photos from our fantastic day at Layer Marney Tower. We got to see the spectacular view from the top of the tower and experience a day in the life of a Tudor!

Can you guess who is under all that armour?

As a bonus treat we even got to bottle feed the new lambs.

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