Summer send off

Hello year 5,

I hope you have an amazing summer, use this time to enjoy yourselves and prepare for September! I wish you all the best for year 6 next year. I am so proud of you all this year and especially how hard you have all worked through this last term either in school or home learning!

If you would like to keep going with some home learning in preparation for
September, we recommend the following:

  • Read lots! Independently and to each other. Try the
    Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Spelling practice. You could use Spelling Shed and you
    can find the appropriate spelling lists here. Nothing
    beats writing the words down. Use your best
  • Times table practice. You can use Times Tables
    Rockstars or Hit the Button. Our youngest pupils can
    work on their Number Bonds!
  • You can research new Autumn 1 topics with the
    Knowledge Organisers and Home Learning Ideas that
    can be already be found here.
  • Grammar Hammer and Mathletics worksheets are still
    available here. Stage number = Year group.

I wish you all the best, have a lovely break!

From Miss Knight x

Responses to questions from your letters…

Thomas – I am glad you are excited to come in to year 6! In answer to your questions, Mrs Dockerill – as we said on the zoom call earlier – will be having a group of 20 children (from Redwood and Rowan called Rosewood) in the Orchard Room every morning, then Mrs Wilson will be teaching Rosewood on a Friday morning. The work in Year 6 is there to build on all prior learning throughout your KS2 experience, accumulating in your end of KS2 assessments (SATs). We pride ourselves in Y6 on pushing children to reach their full potential so hopefully you are ready for the challenge 🙂

Edward – So far we do not have any new children joining the class but potentially we will throughout the year as we will have space. In year 6 we will study the topics mentioned on the zoom earlier and also build on prior learning in all key areas. I did not have the opportunity to do 11+ exams when I went to school – or that I knew of!

Erin – our first class book is Street Child linked to the Victorians. Maths is not set but I am hoping you will find the work challenging enough so that you feel you are making progress. Also, our first Science topic is Light but we are mixing it with Earth and Space as there were some missing objectives from y5 due to Lockdown so we want to make sure you are taught everything you need before the end of Y6. My top three animals are penguins, cats and giraffe. I like all the Harry Potter books but I also enjoy any books that have a plot that keeps me hooked! Ohh I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a teacher.. maybe something in medicine? When I was younger I always wanted to be a doctor!

Thank you for your letters.

Keep the letters coming Y5 🙂

What I want my teacher to know…

Hi year 5,

I mentioned this on my new class zoom a moment ago (Miss Caldwell will mention tomorrow also). If you can, fill it in and upload on to Seesaw for us to look at – don’t forget your name! That way we can start getting to know you before welcoming you back in September 🙂

Stay safe,

Miss Cope

Personal books

Hi year 5,

we are busy sorting out classrooms ready for September and we have come across many books that may belong to you…

If you know your own, personal book was in your tray (not a library book) please comment below with its title and I will make sure we put it in your Y6 tray 🙂

Miss Cope

Week 7 home learning

Here are this week’s home learning documents. All tasks are uploaded here for the week as we are no longer posting daily blog work until the end of term.

Remember to upload the work as you complete it to Seesaw.

Seesaw shout-outs 9.7.20

Faith B – You have been working extremely hard on your Maths work! Well done! Well done for writing a diary too.

Thomas – Wow, you have been busy! I enjoyed reading your exciting ‘Abandoned House’ story. Your Science video was very interesting and you have obviously learnt a lot. Lots of great Maths work and an excellent score on the grammar paper. I also enjoyed reading your Lockdown diary – I expect your Grandma and her puppy were equally excited to see you! Well done on your achievements representing Chelmsford Swimming Club – fantastic!

Edward – I have really enjoyed reading your story and your Lockdown diary – well done. I can see you are using a wide range of punctuation now, even colons! Lots of fantastic maths work, reading comprehension, PSHE and excellent grammar…well done Edward! Amazing effort!

Erin – I can see you have been busy with lots of great Maths work, as well as excellent grammar, computing, a lovely lockdown diary and very artistic outfit designs! Impressive variety of work Erin, well done!

Ellie – Well done Ellie, I can see you have been working very hard on your Maths work and using care to translate and draw shapes accurately. Excellent effort.

Hamsini – I can see you have been busy with Maths and Grammar work, Hamsini! Well done, a great effort.

Seesaw shout outs 7.7.20

Faith B – Well done on all of your Maths work, that must have been hard to draw on a computer!

Erin – Great grammar work and a fantastic map, well done.

Thomas – Well done for completing all of your grammar work and your lock down diary plan!

Hamsini – A fantastic video on what you did in lock down!

Eleanor – Great Maths work, well done.

Gam – Well done for completing your Maths work.

Imogen – Well done for your work on angles this week!

Edward – Great Maths work, well done.

There was a great piece of writing about leaving school in March with no name on!