Friday’s Learning 1.5.20


Complete the three sets of questions:

Maths: Complete week 2 Challenge Lesson and/or could you complete some of the practical maths challenges from the sheet below? I’d love to see some photos or videos of your findings.

Complete task 10 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Think about the experiment you created and tested last week: Was the experiment accurate? If not what could you change? Did you get the results you expected? If not do you know why? Did you get the results you expected? How could you further test these are accurate? Was it a fair test?

Your challenge today is to create your own experiment to ensure you get more accurate results linked to friction (see previous week’s science blog for video link to friction as a recap if you need to). Post your ideas on Seesaw. Happy investigating!

Seesaw Shout Outs 30.4.20

Once again have really enjoyed looking at all of your hard work today Year 5!

Imogen- A raise the roof for your 10/10 score in grammar (Woop! Woop!) Very clear information table in English plus extremely accurate maths, well done! A great science experiment too, I love that you tested the friction on the uphill treadmill!

Eleanor- A fantastic grid created in English, lots of detail about the gods physical description, well done. Brilliant equivalences work in maths and clear explanations of your mathematical thinking, that’s what I like to see!

Layla- A great focus in your maths work today and a lot of detail included in your English work. Thank you for also uploading all of the work you completed yesterday- I can see that you’re working extremely hard every day and demonstrating a passion for your learning.

Jayden- Some fantastic maths work, I’m extremely pleased to see your accurate conversions between fractions and percentages.

Ria- A very clear understanding of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents!

Lilith- Pleased to see you’re continuing to work hard on your mathematical understanding and using your knowledge of place value to help you with decimal numbers.

Poppy- You’ve complete a lot of maths work today, with clear explanations of your understanding. Well done!

Edward- Fantastic information written about the Ancient Egyptian Gods, with some lovely vocabulary used in the physical descriptions section. Lots of accurate maths work completed too, keep it up.

Amelia- Great arithmetic practice, your pace looks as though it is improving! Great detail included in your English work today too.

Robert- Lovely to see your maths work uploaded today, it looks like you’re completing lots in a booklet. 

Ria- Great detail included in your English work today.

Erin- Lots of maths work completed today, with accurate equivalences as well as mental arithmetic practice. Well done for your 10/10 score in grammar (A round of applause from me)

Anna- Brilliant computing work, you’ve managed to complete all of the shortest routes too!

Andres- Lovely to see your maths work today, keep it up!

Thursday’s learning 30.4.20


Looking back at the notes you made yesterday about the gods and goddesses, create a table of factual information about each god/goddess of your choosing – choose up to 5! Use the following table format to lay out your factual information and use the following website to help you:

Name of God/Goddess What they were god/goddess of Physical description


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw


Complete week 2 lesson 4

Complete task 9 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Access the code for life website at the above link. You should either have your school login with you or ask your adult to register free for you as long as they do not mind!

Start from the level you got up to last week. Work through the levels of rapid router collecting points as you go…

Question: What did you find tricky? What new skill did you learn today?

Seesaw shout outs 29.4.20

You’re not letting up Year 5! Another day of wonderful work uploaded onto Seesaw, with some videos included too, which were lovely to watch.

Poppy- A wide variety of maths work completed today, pleased to see that you’ve self-corrected your answers. Very clear note making in English. I look forward to seeing your finished game review.

Bobby- A fantastic response to the PHSE question, you have some very persuasive arguments as to why you believe gaming should be limited. I like the alternative suggestions you’ve given people such as reading or dancing (these are my favourite). Great Egyptian research too.

Selcan- I think you’ve uploaded a range of work you’ve been completing over the last few days?  This includes fractions/decimal/percentage equivalents and some work on weight conversions. Pleased to see a range of grammar practice too. Keep it up!

Imogen- Thank you for uploading a clip of you reading ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ by Charles Dickens, what a fantastic way to show me what you’ve been reading! Brilliant notes made in English today too.

Thomas- A variety of maths work completed today, including lots of challenges- well done! Remember that to solve missing number calculations you can use the inverse, for example (an easy one) ____ X 4  = 20 I could use 20 ÷ 4 = 5, 5 X 4 = 20. Clear notes in English too.

Anna- I love the daily update on your Tutankhamun mask! You’re taking the time to create your mask using a collage, it looks extremely effective.

Jayden- Fantastic maths work, I like that you’ve used visual representations of the percentages and lovely PHSE work.

Edward- Thank you for your PHSE work, I enjoyed reading your game review.

Ria- A wide range of maths completed today, I am pleased to see you solving the questions in a range of ways. Clear note taking in English too.

Edward- Clear note making in English today and fantastic maths work with clear explanations.

Sophie- You’ve been working hard today! Pleased to see maths, English and PHSE work completed today- keep it up.

Erin- Thank you for your video upload of your mask and explanation of how you created it. I don’t just like it- I love it! You’ve also completed all of your maths, english and PHSE work today- keep it up!

Heather- Thank you for uploading all of the Ancient Egyptian work you’ve been completing, you’ve clearly been learning a lot about them and their way of life.

Eleanor- I love how you’ve created your mask with a headband so that you can wear it. Accurate maths work today too.

Somebody in Pine has included lots of maths work, well done. Remember to include your name!

Thank you again Year 5, I really enjoyed looking through all of your work again today. I’d love to see more of what you’ve all been reading, could you upload a video clip of the book your reading at the moment of even part of your favourite book?

Wednesday’s learning 29.4.20


In case you didn’t last week, join the Epic reading book site (either by downloading the free app or accessing online – get permission first from your adults!)  and read the book ‘Egyptian Gods, Heroes and Mythology’ and make notes using bullet points of key facts about the Egyptian gods and goddesses.


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw


Complete week 2 lesson 3

Complete task 8 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


This week’s story: The sale of video games has increased by 44% in the UK during the lockdown period. Question: Are video games the next best thing to our real lives?

Watch the virtual assembly here linked to the above question:

Below are a range of activities that you can use to explore this question, remember to post the completed worksheets on Seesaw.

Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout Outs!

Really enjoyed looking through all of your wonderful work on this rainy Tuesday! Have some of you managed to get outside too? I did and got extremely wet!

Sophie- Fantastic maths work today, very accurate.

Imogen- I love your recount writing from today, using phrases such as ‘in awe’ and a range of emotive language. Also extremely pleased to see how much work you’re completing each day through spelling shed and times tables rockstars, plus reading Charles Dickens! What have you read so far?

Poppy- A fantastic maths booklet you’ve created today- what a wonderful way to display your work. Great to see some clear explanations for your mathematical thinking as well. I loved your art work too, it was extremely neat.

Layla- An amazing Tutankhamun mask- I like how you’ve used stickers layered to create the gold shiny face.  Wonderful writing and maths today too. You have been busy!

Amelie- Great art work, I’m extremely impressed that you drew your own Tutankhamun mask. You’ve also completed lots of maths work today and I loved your writing- you worked really hard to include appropriate prepositional phrases.

Ria- A fantastic drawing of Tutankhamun, I’m so impressed.

Lilith- Brilliant literacy and maths work today, you’re demonstrating aspiration every day.

Thomas- What a fantastic mask, I love that it is life sized and you’ve included yourself in the picture! I was very impressed to read your maths work too, especially to see you showing resilience when correcting mistakes.

Somebody in Poplar also uploaded a typed recount of ‘Tomb Runner’ which was amazing! You’ve written in clear paragraphs and I love the variety of language you have used. Please remember to include your name so that it can go in our shout outs.

Keep working hard Year 5, I’m so overwhelmed with the PASSION for your learning you are demonstrating.

Tuesday’s Learning 28.4.20

English: Check through your planning from yesterday, now we will write our recount thinking about the key information we want to include to be successful:

Prepositional phrases, past tense, first person (we will be the main character today!), emotive vocabulary.

I’ll give you an example of how you could begin your recount if you need help to begin:

Yesterday was the most intriguing – yet nerve-wracking- experience in my life. As I entered the pyramid, I was faced with vast darkness: fear engulfed my person as I crept – gingerly – towards the arched opening to the -what I thought would be filled with a plethora of artefacts – unoccupied area. Beneath my sand-covered boots, a beetle scurried towards the crack-filled walls: did he know something that I didn’t about what I was about to discover? As I edged closer, I was transfixed by the abundant space, filled with darkness, high above me.

Don’t forget to edit for spellings and punctuation! Make sure you upload on to Seesaw too.


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw


Complete week 2 lesson 2

Complete task 7 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Who was King Tutankhamun?

Find a template – or use the one below to help – to create your own Tutankhamun mask. If possible, cut up squares of paper to create a mosaic-type mask using yellow and blue (as his was decorated). If unable to use coloured paper, use your blue/yellow pens or pencils to decorate your own King Tut mask. Upload your artwork to the Seesaw page.

Seesaw- Monday 27th April

Some fantastic work uploaded onto Seesaw already today:

Edward- A great start to your ‘Tomb Runner’ planning, brilliant to see you’ve taken the time to use a range of prepositional phrases!

Lilith- Some fantastic maths work demonstrating your understanding of place value and proving your answers.

Eva- Great to see the ‘Tomb Runner’ has inspired you so much- what fantastic writing! I love that you’ve split your writing into two time sections.

Erin- Lots of accurate maths work, well done!

Lily- A good setting description with great adverbial sentence openers.

Ria- Brilliant grammar practice- keep it up!

One person in Poplar has also uploaded their planning for ‘Tomb Runner’ clearly bullet pointed in chronological order and using some fantastic emotive vocabulary. Well done! Remember to add your name so I can give you a shout out!

Monday’s Learning 27.4.20

Hello Year 5! I hope you’ve had a restful weekend and are looking forward to continuing your fantastic learning at home. Below is what your learning looks like for this week:

I’ve also uploaded a ‘home learning pack’ in the post below, which covers all of your learning for the whole week, if you and your parents would prefer to use that format. Otherwise, below is the learning to be completed on Monday. I look forward to seeing all of your hard work!

English: Watch the video again from last week and find your notes you made previously linked to key events and emotive vocabulary. We will be using this to plan a recount of our visit inside the pyramid – as if we were the main character from the video. As you watch again, add to your emotive vocabulary list. If you cannot find your notes from before, do not worry you can start a new one and watch as many times as you’d like! Plan your recount thinking of not only emotion and past tense but also prepositional phases (using the image below as a guide):


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw


Complete week 2 lesson 1

Complete task 6 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Hallo liebe Kinder! 

Here is a great website 

Click on “Lumen’s Langauge Challenges” and choose a challenge to try (different one to last week!), you may need help with some of them.

Viel Spaß! Bis bald! (Have fun! Bye for now!)

Frau Lees