Year 5 assembly – Simple Machines

Year 5 gave a fantastic performance in this morning’s Year group assembly. From the back of the hall I could hear every word said clearly and feel the appreciation of  families and the rest of KS2! I know the parents enjoyed hearing about learning in Science, Literacy and PE this term. Other teachers have told me how mature and composed you all seemed. Well done! What was your favourite part?


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We are all teachers!

In Poplar this morning we were trying out some new trainee teachers….. each other!

In literacy, a small group of children were taught how to use ‘I’ and ‘me’ accurately  depending on whether we were looking at the subject or object of the sentence. They then became teachers and cascaded the learning. The children used some interesting and innovative techniques and made full use of teaching aids. I think they loved it (maybe a little too much!) Let me know what you enjoyed most!

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Magnificent Machines

This afternoon all of year 5 collaborated in the hall to build our Rube Goldberg machines. We saw some very inventive ideas and had to do a lot of testing and adjusting to fix ‘bugs’ in our machines. Most of our machines worked with some success although it was harder then we predicted to make the machines work smoothly and we had to be incredibly resilient!

If you are lucky enough to attend our assembly you will be able to watch videos of our machines in action and see a wider selection of photos, we will also be creating a large scale Rube Goldberg machine! (Exciting!)

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Winning poems from Redwood

Here are the winning 4 poems! These children were then group leaders and taught the rest of the class their poems!

The Dazzling Ship by Melodie Tooke-Thompson

Do you ever go to sea

On a dazzling ship?

Ah! A greenhorn I see

There’s no time for a dip

Scrub the deck and raise the sail

There’s no rest for the wicked

Don’t stop or you will fail

We’ll lose you in the thicket

The Homesick Pirate by Milah Sharp

There was a homesick pirate

Her name was Mimi Moo

She wished to be upon the Roger

With all the other crew

I don’t know why, I guess she thought

It would be kind of cool

To be the greatest greenhorn

In the entire school

But now she hates pirates

And she always will

Because she has the black spot

All because of that snitch Bill

Now she haunts the Jolly Roger

As a ghastly ghost

Making people scream

She’s scarier than most

And now I will linger in the memory of your mind…

The Angry Pirate by Conner Turner

Have you ever been a sailin’

Across the deep-black sea?

The new recruits are ailin’

They’re all afraid of me

Searchin’ my sea for plunder

I’ve searched everywhere

As ships try to flee from me

Just hear my cannon flare

We prey upon unlucky fools

Running from the death-defying spot

We threaten other ships that sail

As my ships begins to rot

Until they catch and hang me

From the haunted gallows tree

Another and another greenhorns disappear…

Edward Teach by Alfie Crabb

There lived an evil pirate

His name was Edward Teach

He wished to go aboard a ship

And make some sailors screech

The crew happily welcomed him

And called him their lord

In fact they even were prepared

To fall upon the sword

After many years at sea

Edward became more feared

To sailors all around the world

With his nickname of Blackbeard

The crew told stories to greenhorns

About Blackbeard’s short life

Getting beheaded for his deeds

And about the after life…



Redwood perform to Silverbell!


We performed an amazing poem called A Pirates Life For Me . The children enjoyed it so much, they even spotted the doing verbs in our performance! When performing we had to remember these key features:



-Learn off by heart





We would love to revisit KS1 and show them our creative talents!

Later in the week, we also wrote our own versions of the poem and learnt them for performing.

What topics would you like to cover in literacy?

Has anyone written any of their own poems at home?

By Milah & Kiana



DT Buggy Race!


In Design & Technology Redwood have been building their own electronic buggies. They build the chassis from wooden bases using glue guns, they then decorated their chassis and added electronic motors to make their engines go!

They then raced outside of the classroom 🙂 Kayli, Melodie, Tegan & Milah’s group were very successful as well as many other groups. Even Mr Poyton made a guest appearance at the race!

A big thank you to Mrs Archer for all her help and preparation for the buggies 🙂

Sportshall athletics fun!

On Friday 8th January a group of 29 Year 5s and 6s walked to Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre with 4 teachers to represent the school in Sportshall athletics. The field events included  javelin, standing high jump, long jump and triple jump and speed bounce. The track events included relays and obstacle events with children hurdling and going under various obstacles. The competition was fierce and all schools represented fielded highly motivated teams. All the children from LMPS impressed their teachers and spectators with their tremendous show of perseverance, passion and support for each other. More than one teacher also went home with a sore throat after cheering on the committed children. Although we didn’t win through to the next round on this occasion, we are immensely proud of your efforts and your exemplary behaviour. Well done!

One girl in year 6 deserves a special mention for receiving two special awards: For the highest Speed Bounce score of the WHOLE DAY; and a second award for support for her opponents. Simply fantastic!!

sathgirls photo 5 sathgroup


Rube Goldberg Machines

Although this might be a cryptic heading, read on and you might be surprised to find out that you recognise some examples of Rube Goldberg machines already!

Yr 5 have been learning about simple machine in science and are now learning about Rube Goldberg machines, which are more complicated machines made up from simple everyday objects. They get their name from the American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg who designed wacky gadgets for carrying out everyday tasks.

We have watched videos of Rube Goldberg machines (you can watch too if you follow this link: ) and discovered that we have seen similar machines before (For example; the games mousetrap and marble run, the traps in the home alone films and the crazy gadgets in Wallace and Grommit).

In literacy we are writing explanations of how a Rube Goldberg machine works and in science we will be building our own. Using the OK – Go video (from the link above)as our inspiration we are going to build our machines using everyday items that we can find ourselves. Next week we will be bringing in items from home and using items we can find in our classrooms to build our own machines. Keep checking the blogs for photos and videos of our marvellous machines.