3PR Trophy!

Pine Class were very excited today when we found out that we had won the first 3PR parking token competition by collecting the most tokens out of all the other classes in the school!

Hopefully we will continue the winning streak!


In Maths today we have been learning about multiples. To demonstrate our knowledge, we created posters about multiples of 2 using Maths equipment, pictures and our X table facts.

We were able to show what we know in lots of different ways!



More Bacteria Growth

As you know, we have been investigating the growth of bacteria. We took samples from different places around the school and are now watching to see how much mould grows so we can find out which areas have the most bacteria!

Here are a few picture updates…

We have mould!

One week into our mould experiment and we have news to report! Some of Pine and Poplar’s bread has started to grow mould. Stay tuned for more updates as the mould spreads!

Mysterious Mould!

This half term in Science we are exploring bacteria. In Pine and Poplar, we have set up a bacteria experiment where we took different bacteria samples from around the school by wiping bread on different surfaces.

Keep checking the blog for mould updates!

Where did you wipe your bread?

Pine’s Writer of the Week

We have started out new topic Peasants, Princes and Pestilence, all about 14th century Britain. In Literacy this week we have been looking at the Black Death. Using our knowledge, we wrote a character of description imagining the Black Death was a person.

Oliver has written a great description,  taking great care with his handwriting, to make Pestilience sound as gruesome and meanancing as possible!