Seesaw shout outs 22.05.20 and half-term well wishes.

Amelie – A great family tree of Cleopatra and a beautiful drawing to go with it!

Thomas – Well done for completing your grammar, Maths and reading comprehension today – some great explanations of your answers. It was great to see your science experiments too!

Jayden – Great maths work today and a fantastic science experiment.

Edward – Well done for completing your Maths and reading comprehension today. A great science experiment too!

Myles – Great maths works today and some very good answers on your reading comprehension. You have written a fantastic biography on Tutankhamen – it was very informative!

Anna – Well done for completing your grammar work today and great science experiment!

Erin – Some great Maths and reading comprehension work today, well done! What an amazing outside fort you have built! It must have taken ages, i’m very impressed!

Eleanor – It is great to hear that you have been reading! Some good Maths and reading comprehension work. Well done for completing your computing work too.

Nic – Well done on your grammar work today.

Gam – Well done on your Maths work today – great explanations! Your reading comprehension work was very detailed too.

Layla – A fantastic science write up Layla! Well done for also completing your Maths and reading comprehension work.

Poppy – A lovely teacher description on Mrs. Archer! Well done for completing your Maths and reading work too.

There was also a science experiment using shaving gel and another with water and a heart – both were great but no names!

What a very different half term we have had to what we would have expected. We have enjoyed seeing all the work you have been blogging, smiled at seeing so many of your faces on the zoom we held and laughed at many of your entertaining seesaw posts!

We hope to have another Zoom meeting after half term and it would be lovely to see as many faces as before!

You have worked very hard this half term – well done to yourselves: we are PROUD. Again, thank you to you – parents – for your engagement, guidance and support regarding your children’s home learning.

We hope you have a restful, family-fuelled half term.

Stay safe and enjoy the nice weather!

Miss Knight and Miss Smith x

One comment on “Seesaw shout outs 22.05.20 and half-term well wishes.

  • Miss Smith says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Thank you to all of you (children and adults) for the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to your learning this half term.
    Have a fantastic break and we will look forward to seeing more of your learning from the 1st.


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