Wow, some lovely work today, I am so pleased to see so many of you working hard on your presentation still!

Amelie – lots of lovely work again, I really liked you r Lost tomb work.
Thomas – fantastic commitment to work, well done on your grammar score and a fabulous setting description.
Layla – you are doing brilliantly with your maths and I liked your writing about the Tomb.
Ria – fantastic maths and English work and great scores in the quizzes.
Imogen – I really liked your comparison of Egyptian jobs, great research.
Anna – great maths and English and well done on the computing work.
Poppy – fantastic maths and a good grammar score, great work on your English too.
Ellie – Lots of lovely work, good to see you doing your computing.
Erin – great maths and a lovely setting description, I liked your work on the PSHE, one of your passions I know!
Jayden – fantastic work on grammar and maths, I enjoyed your English too.
Lillith – Well done on your English and maths work, I enjoyed your storyboard.
Lily H – great to see your maths work and a great fact file too.
Khoi – great score on your test.
Sophie C – great grammar and maths – I liked your work on the wild animals.

Fantastic to see you all showing resilience and working so hard.


Wow, even more amazing work to see I am particularly enjoying seeing the mummy pictures!

Jayden – I love your lava lamp and I really hope you let your sister out after mummifying her!
Erin – some amazing work, lots of great facts.
Lillith – great work, love your mummy!
Sophie – come brilliant maths work.
Anna – good work on the grammar.
Poppy – great maths and such a neat layout.
Ellie – wow, lots of really good maths work.
Amelie – great mummy and lots of really interesting facts on your pre-assessment grid.
Gam – great scores on the quizzes.
Imogen – great instructions on mummification.
Myles – fantastic maths.
Thomas – great facts about Egyptians – I hope you unwrapped your mum!
Ria – lots of great work especially the maths.
Layla – more great maths work – I like your mummy!

It’s lovely to be able to share your work.


Wow, some amazing work from year 5 on Seesaw already today!

Layla – well done for some amazing facts on Egyptians and great German work.
Myles – fantastic work adding decimals.
Sophie – great maths work and completing the grammar quiz.
Amelie – brilliant work, especially the maths!
Erin – great work, I love the colourful German work.
Lillith – great maths and fact files.
Thomas – excellent maths work.
Ria – lots of lovely work, I like the pictures of what Egyptians may have looked like.

Looking forward to seeing more work soon. Don’t forget to add your name!

Writer of the week

We have had a great start to the year in Year 5. Miss Knight and I are really excited by the enthusiasm the children have shown for our first Topic “Off with her Head”. This is our first writer of the week, Alicia with a great character description about Henry VIII.


As part of our D and T lessons we have prepared some salads and eaten them. We then used this experience to write instruction texts on how to make salads. Hopefully some pupils have been helping prepare food at home as they enjoyed it so much!

Toilet roll Solar System!

This afternoon we replicated the distance between the planets in the solar system using sheets of toilet paper to measure the relative distances between planets.  Although the toilet paper broke, we could still see the difference in the distance between planets.

We are trying to remember the names of the planets one way is to use mnemonics: