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Thank you for sharing your English work on Friday, Aarav. I really enjoyed reading your diary entry as a Victorian child. Well done for completing today’s Maths and homophone work in English today too.

You’ve shown a clear understanding of homophones and spellings today, Jenson. Well done for completing all of your Maths challenges as well.

Hi Jonathan. It was great to see you today. Thank you for sharing your work with us today – remember there is no need to complete the blog work if you are coming into school. We will do this at school. Focus on times tables and spellings at home for now.

Hi Henry. It’s great to see how confident you are with capacity and volume in Maths, thank you for sharing your great work. Also, some brilliant spelling knowledge used with your homphones work.

Thank you for sharing your work with us today, Saskia. Your knowledge of human and physical geography will help with your English work this week. Well done for completing English and Maths as well.

Hi Logan. Super homophones work today. They are really tricky because they sound the same! Phonics can sometimes help, but even then some are tricky! Well done for showing resilience in Maths – a busy day for you!

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