Muddy Adventures

At Lawford Mead Primary we are very lucky to have such fantastic outdoor spaces and one of the highlights of many children's year is Muddy Adventures.  These outdoor learning experiences link to and meet various curriculum requirements but research has also shown that children are stimulated by the outdoors. They experience an increase in their self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem-solving skills and emotional well-being. ‘Forest School’ activities like Muddy Adventures are becoming increasingly popular across the country, as described in these articles:

Some quotes from children about what they love about Muddy Adventures...

"Muddy Adventures is cool, fun, exciting and it makes us happy." (Reception)

"I couldn't do balancing but now I can." (Reception)

“We learn how to climb safely and how to help each other and work as a team.” (Year 1)

"We have really worked better as a team because of Muddy Adventures." (Year 2)

“I used to be nervous about jumping and climbing but now I feel confident.” (Year 3)

"Muddy Adventures allows us to play and explore outside. We love making dens." (Year 4)

“It helps us bond as classmates and be more adventurous.” (Year 5)

"We have all learnt to be resilient and determined in Muddy Adventures.  It’s a different type of learning.” (Year 6)

We also received these messages from our families recently...

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the way you encourage the love of learning in your pupils... (My grandson) loves Muddy Adventures, which is amazing! This has given him a new found confidence in attempting to use play equipment he used to avoid in parks, he not only copes with getting muddy but says it's the best part of muddy adventures, and has now started verbalising his experiences and feelings from his day in school.  We are so grateful for the transformation in him and his attitude toward school...”

“As a parent, I am happy my son takes part in Muddy Adventures and if I am honest, the dirtier he comes home, the better, that proves to me that he has had a wonderful time and experiencing something that many children in other schools could only hope to be a part of. My son would not get the opportunity to get covered in mud as that is not something that I would do with him at home. So I am grateful that he has this experience in school with his friends.”

If you are new to our school and your child hasn’t yet experienced Muddy Adventures then you can download some additional information.