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At Lawford Mead Primary we teach pupils that the internet is a wonderful source of information and communication, if used in a safe and responsible way.  Social networking apps and websites  (e.g. Instagram, Whatsapp etc.)  are increasingly popular with children.  In some cases, unmonitored use of these apps can lead to friendship problems, gossip and hurt feelings in the playground.  This can negatively affect learning in the classroom and whilst we investigate these issues and talk to the children, it can be difficult for us to solve problems that start outside of school.  We ask that parents and carers monitor their child’s use of the internet at home and talk openly about what they are doing on their digital devices.

We repeatedly tell children the following:

  1. Treat each other as you would like to be treated, online or face to face.
  2. If you wouldn’t want something on a billboard poster don’t post it online.  Nothing online is truly secret.
  3. What you post online is like a tattoo, it can never be got rid of completely.
  4. Always talk to adults you trust when something worries or upsets you.

Internet Safety Toolkit

The Internet Safety Toolkit provides simple steps and advice for parents to understand and improve esafety at home.

Internet Safety Toolkit

Esafety Websites

We recommend these websites for parental guidance: