Residential Trip 2019

Children from Year 5 and 6 had an amazing time at Grangewaters for our 2019 residential.  Take a look at the photos here for an idea of the kind of activities the children took part in.  They worked in teams and encouraged each other and in some cases, faced fears and showed great courage.  Well done to the children and well done to parents for managing to be away from their children for a week!  Thank you to Miss Caldwell and all the staff that spent the week away making sure the children had a fantastic time.


thelma - I remember grangewaters vividly. I had so much fun. I miss it now I am in year 7.

Beth - Can’t wait for year 5 and 6 looks fun

Harry - This was fun

Ella - Looks like it was fun. Sad I didn't go :(

Ellie - I remember most of the kids there I hope they had a lot of fun!

elif - That looks soooo fun!!!!

Skarlet - Well done hope you enjoyed your self

Kat - Hope you guys had fun!!!!! =)

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