Race For Life

Our school joined Cancer Research UK's Race for Life this year. On Thursday 28th September we took all the children from Year 1 through to Year 6 to Chelmsford Sports & Athletics Centre to take part in our Race for Life running event. Our target as a school was to run 950km in total (3 laps each for KS1 and 6 laps for KS2) and we would like your help to raise as much money as possible in the process. Please join the fight by digging deep and sponsoring us. Find out more on the Sports news blog and sponsor us at JustGiving.


Haniya - When I got home, I collapsed on the sofa and literally fainted!

Abigail Hesmondhalgh - Had a great race, glad we made lots of money.

Jessica - Race for Life was the best run ever

Annie - Brilliant photos! Well done to everyone. Willow Sturdy\'s mum x

Mr Pleydell - Congratulations to everybody who took part in the Race for Life event! We managed to raise an amazing amount of money for such a great cause, well done Lawford Mead.

Callum Rowley - Well done everyone I\'m so happy we raised over £1,500.

Emma Cummings - Great event, Sophie absolutely loved it, although the legs were a bit achy this morning!
Well done everyone x

Phoebe - I was excited when I got a medal at Race for Life. I did 4 laps around the track. It was hard work but I liked it.

Sabi - Well done LMPS!

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