FUDGE Morning 2018

We love welcoming our dads (and a few grandads, uncles and big brothers) into school for the morning each June. This year there was art, creative writing, a range of PE activities and of course, reading time.

Please leave a comment below to tell us your favourite part of the morning.

Happy Father’s Day!


Andrew Williams - Thank you Lawford Mead for hosting such a morning. Pleased to have the opportunity to see my children engaging in the classes and all the great games outside.
Well done to all who organised it and took part.

Tony Brown - Was great to spend time in the class with my daughter and see Mr Pearson in action, the standard of teaching never ceases to amaze me, our children are lucky to be in such a great school

Aspen Class - We loved FUDGE day on Friday! Some of the best parts were:
- Having our family join us in the class
- Showing our family all of the fun activities that we get to do in PE
- I loved the art workshop and hope that we can do the same again next year
- Reading to our Dads after the workshops
- I enjoyed the pobble writing because we had the chance to write something creative with our Dads

jess - I loved Fudge day because it was great fun especially the cricket

Mark cannon - What a fabulous day, you all worked so hard. Thank you so much, Lewis and I enjoyed it so much.

phil dunbar - Really great day enjoyed every minute

Haniya - That was fun!

Mark cannon - What a fabulous morning, thank you so much for your time and effort. Lewis and I enjoyed are time together at the school. Pe was very interesting a chance to wack other parents and teachers. Thank you so much, I loved it

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