Monday’s Learning – 5/7/21


Read your own book from home, or complete 30 minutes of Lexia or Read Theory (login in your diary)

Maths / Art:

Today you are going to design an advert for your theme park. You will need to decide on:

  • a theme park name
  • names for your rides
  • any special features, eg 3D ride, virtual reality ride, water ride, etc

Your advert will need to:

  • display the price
  • include any special discounts
  • be bright and colourful

The better your advert, the more new visitors you will get!

German part 1:

Today is German Day! Read through the story of Rotk├Ąppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) and see if you can follow the plot. Search up any words you do not understand.

German part 2:

Using the attached document, see how many of the traditional fairy stories you can name using the German title.

You can use the answers at the end to check!

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