Friday’s Learning – 2/7/21


Read your own book from home, or complete 30 minutes of Lexia or Read Theory (login in your diary)


This morning we are completing our final computing lesson of the week.

Go on Code for Life and continue from where you got up to from Wednesday. Aim to complete at least 3 levels.


Today you are going to work out how much it profit you will make each day with your theme park. Firstly, you will need the amount of money from Wednesday’s maths (the amount of money it costs to run your theme park).

Now you will decide on a ticket price, eg £10, £20, etc

Finally, you will use the table below to work out your daily profit. For this you will do 2 steps:

  1. Number of visitors X by your ticket price

2) Subtract your costs per day from your answer for step 1


Using the interactive BBC food chains weblink, create as many correct foods chains as you can for animals and plants that survive in the Savannah. Aim to find 10 different food chains. Record each one on paper and upload onto Seesaw.

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