Thursday’s Learning – 25/2/21


Watch the video of your teacher reading the next part of Skyhawk. You can also pause the video and read the text yourself. The questions are at the end of the video for you to answer. The answers for your reading are here on the blog.

L) Page 1- What was Callum’s excuse for being late?

I)Page 9- What does Callum think the secret is?

V)Page 4- What does zigzagged mean?

E) Page 2- Why does mum suggest that Callum avoids his older brother(Graham)?

GD) Why do you think Callum did not tell the truth about why he was late and where he was going the following day?


Today we are writing a character description of your chosen creature from Pandora and your vocabulary planning from yesterday.

Watch the video by your teacher to help you with your writing.


This week in Maths we are revising the 4 operations.

EXS – division method. You MUST show your method on Seesaw.

GD – You will be solving a number problems this week. Today’s investigation is similar to yesterday’s challenge. All the instructions are on the sheet for today.

Foundation – Science

As we learnt about yesterday in our History lesson, Charles Darwin travelled around the world studying nature. One of his most famous discoveries was about the finches on the Galapagos Islands. Today your Science task is based on Darwin’s own research about birds.

Watch the video by your teacher which talks about Darwin’s discoveries and what your task is for today. An example of how to present your work is also on the video.

Bald eagle:



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  • shadika says:

    miss i think the video for sky hawk is meant to be for tomorrow’s lesson because none of the answers are in the text


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