Tuesday’s Learning – 23/2/21


Watch the video introducing our new class text of Skyhawk. Your teacher will read the text to you but you can also pause the video and read the text yourself. The questions are at the end of the video for you to answer. The answers for your reading are here on the blog.


L) Page 2 – What did Iona catch from the river?

I)Page 4 – Why did Iona not want the boys to look in her notebook? ●

V) Page 3 – What does the word ‘tatty’ mean?

E) Predict what may happen next.

GD) What if your opinion of Callum so far? Use a quote to justify your answer.

Point -> I think Callum…

Evidence -> ”_______________________________” • •


Re-watch the video about the landscape and environment on Pandora.

Task: Today you will be writing a setting description of Pandora. Watch the video to help you and use the sentence openers and extra vocabulary provided if you need them.

  • Pandora has a toxic atmosphere…
  • The planet is covered in a tropic rainforest which …
  • Twisting trees (up to 50 meters tall)…
  • An extensive variety of plant life…


This week in Maths we are revising the 4 operations.

EXS – column addition and subtraction including decimals.

GD – You will be solving a number problems this week. Today’s investigation follows on from yesterday’s. All the instructions are on the sheet for today.

Foundation – Memorable Experience

  • This half term our topic is ‘Darwin’s Delight’ – a science-based topic all about evolution and inheritance.
  • To start off this topic we are going to look at inherited features, which are features that are passed down from family members, eg hair colour, eye colour, skin colour.
  • Your activities are all explained on the video so make sure you watch!

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