Friday’s learning – 8/1/2021


Read the following section of chapter 2 then answer the questions below. Any words you are unsure of, ask an adult or google them:


Chapter 2

Use the context of the sentences below to work out the meaning of the vocabulary:

A small empty haversack dangled over his shoulder

Haversack –

The three of them trooped out into the hallway

Hallway –

Willie saw a row of small thatched cottages standing on either side

Thatched –

Tom tapped him tenderly on the nose

Tenderly –

His plimsolls were caked him heavy clods of wet earth

Plimsolls –

A heavy torrent fell mercilessly down

Mercilessly –

How does Tom show he cares for Willie? Justify with evidence (3)

What two impressions do we get of Willy? Justify with evidence (3)


Have a look at the dialogue you used yesterday – you are going to add in action between your dialogue to show how the scene advances. This is helps us picture in our mind when we read stories what is happening in a scene. Write out your speech again but this time add in action in another colour between the examples of speech.

E.G – “Quick! Hide!” John shouted. As he ran towards his brother, he noticed an explosion not far from him. “It’s ok, John – we’ve got this. Just hold on tight we need to get to the other side of the wreckage.” Luke gripped on tightly to his elder brother’s arm – unaware of the debris surrounding him.


Arithmetic focus. Give yourself 30 minutes – like we do in class – to complete the arithmetic. Don’t forget to post on Seesaw


Task 1: Watch the videos about amphibians including frogs.

Then using the images and statements about a frog, match the image up to the statement and create a life cycle.

Task 2:

Create a life cycle of a butterfly using the video.

What are amphibians?

Frog life cycle:

Challenge butterfly life cycle:

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