Today’s learning – 19/10/20


Today we are practising our reading skills in our English session. Read the attached text and answer the questions – post your work on Seesaw:


This week our spelling words are the following: Rhyme occupy apply hyphen hygiene python supply identify multiply recycle desperate  determined. What do they mean? Research them and find the definitions.


We are starting to look at fractions, decimals and percentages. Watch the below video to find out more about how they are related:

Complete the attached sheet and post on Seesaw:

Percent means out of 100. The attached sheet requires you to identify the percentage of the squares covered. The first one has been done for you:

We are also looking at how fractions and decimals are related.

Have a go at the attached sheet converting between a decimal and fraction.

Help: if a decimal is to 1 decimal place, the denominator is out of 10. If the decimal is to 1 decimal place, the denominator is out of 100.

Each sheet gets progressively harder. Try the first 6 on page 1. Confident and got them correct? Move on to do sheet 2. If you are struggling with sheet 2, stick to sheet 1.


Complete the PE with Joe Wicks session


Have a go at the German grammar lesson. Post on Seesaw what you have learnt.

3 comments on “Today’s learning – 19/10/20

  • Joanne Hale says:

    Afternoon Miss Cope,

    I have just noticed that you posted last week and this week ‘Todays Learning’. Is this to be completed in addition to homework?

    Many Thanks

    Jo Hale


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