Week 6 homework

Hello Year 6!

Here is your homework for this week. Download the following sheets to complete and then submit your work on Seesaw, using the Seesaw code that is stuck into your Reading Records. You can complete on paper or by printing the sheets:

English (all to complete):

Maths – complete sheets one and two – challenge complete all three sheets:

The answers are attached at the bottom of the sheets or as an additional document – no peeking!!

Don’t forget to complete this week’s spelling practice on Spelling Shed by Friday. If you cannot access it, here is your spelling list for the week:

Rhythm system physical symbol  mystery lyrics oxygen symptom typical crystal aggressive according

4 comments on “Week 6 homework

  • Joanne Hale says:

    Afternoon Miss Cope,

    I wondered if I could clarify homework with you. If you are working to Greater depth do you just complete the GD worksheets or are you expecting all 3 worksheets to be completed for English and Maths.

    Many Thanks,

    Jo Hale

  • Gam's Mum says:

    Hi Miss Cope,

    Year 3 homework appears for English. Could you confirm are year 6 suppose to do year 3 adverb homework or is there a mistake?

    • L Cope says:

      Yes it is correct – adverbs are taught in Y3 but we recap all the grammar terms in year 6 to ensure the children are secure in their terminology before their SPAG test in May


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