Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Christina – I love all the different drawings – it is lovely to see you being so creative and using your imagination.

Phoebe – the gadget you have designed is very useful. You can actually make your own one called a periscope. If you get time, maybe have a look.

Megan – well done for continuing with your transition booklet. You have found out loads of important details about your secondary school

Mark – As well as completing your daily maths, it is nice to hear that you have been discussing other subjects like science and PSHE.

Austin – I love that you have been baking as well! Did the cake taste nice? I wonder if it tastes different from a cake cooked in the oven…

One comment on “Seesaw Shout-Outs!

  • L Cope says:

    Thank you Alex for your lovely message on Seesaw today. I will be on the zoom on the 17th so fear not, you will see me then 🙂


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