Seesaw Shout-Outs!

While we have had some of the Year 6s come back to school, we know lots of you are continuing to complete the blog work daily and posting your work on Seesaw! We look at it daily and love seeing all the great learning that is going on.

Mark – you seem to be doing really well on your mixed grammar – lots of ticks! I also love your science work with the food chains!

Christina – I am so pleased that you are still consistently getting full marks on your arithmetic – amazing!

Averie – you have been doing some really useful maths about doubles and halves – great work and I like seeing all the ticks on your angles work too!

Megan –  I really like how you have presented your newspaper features – it is very eye catching. You’ve planned some good quotes too

Elif – its lovely that even after being at school you want to learn some more German

Alex – a day full of full marks! You’re maths is brilliant and I love seeing how you show resilience to solve a problem

Frankie – you’ve been doing loads of learning today! I like that you have been practicing your learning about 3D shapes too!

Austin – I really like your own drawings for the food chains, especially the tiger!

Charlie – it was so fantastic to see the video of your home-grown vegetables. You have green fingers!

Tony – I really like the video of the garden – it was well narrated!

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