Monday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Another day and another amount of great work being completed at home! Well done Year 6!

Molly B – looks like you’ve been busy at the weekend with some maths work

Daniel – 40/40 on your arithmetic – AMAZING!

Maja – I love all the maths you are continuing to complete

Josh – I have loved looking at all the photos of what you have been up to. My favourites are the ones of you learning new skills including bike restoration and cooking

Barney – great to see you are maintaining such high arithmetic scores and today getting 42! I also love the video of your book review – it really made me smile!

Kodey – well done for completing some maths today

Austin – I like all the rhetorical questions and short sentences for effect in your writing about Alma

Megan K – well done for using the white rose hub videos to help you with your maths learning

Alex – Mrs Lees will be glad that you have enjoyed her German task. The image of the ice cream is great too!

Tayah – full marks again on your maths quiz – impressive!

Cohen – very clear notes to help you write a narrative about Alma

Averie – it’s great to see all your workings out that have helped you to complete today’s maths

Harry B – You are consistently scoring very highly on your arithmetic – you should be pleased

Xav – I love that you have been learning some French! What have you learnt?

Sonny – You have used some great fronted adverbials in your writing today and I love the SpongeBob German image!

Christina – I like how you have created your German matching activity – it looks like you have matched them all up correctly!

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