Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Well done to everyone who completed a “chatterbox” they look really effective.

Maja- A very logical and clear plan and some percentage work too. Marvellous!
Xav shout-out number 1 – I love the Science work- lots of interesting adaptation features included. Great arithmetic score.
Freya- A great idea highlighting your name- it makes it so easy to see that it is your fantastic work. A clear plan, good use of bullet points.
Christina- Some impressive word choices in your writing task, full marks in the maths task- and just one error in the arithmetic. Did you spot the mistake?
Daniel- That Science work is marvellous. Lots of key information and very well presented!
Frankie- I spy some fraction work today. Still completing lots of long bike rides too. 
Barney. Well done on completing the tasks. Brilliant percentage work. What are you planning on growing in the greenhouse?
Austin- Awesome- working on the arithmetic paper. In Science you have explored how the fox has adapted- I always find this topic fascinating
Tayah- 5/5 on the maths quiz. Great!
Averie- You have been very busy!! Impressive maths.
Cohen- That is a great life skill to learn! Well done on completing your maths and english tasks as well.
Harry- I love how you have annotated your pictures with adaptation information. 
Mark- Fantastic- exploring the different uses for a comma. Well done on completing some Science research too.
Sonny-Amazing adaptation research and clearly presented too.

Xav shout out number 2 – I also liked your sentences from yesterday, you used some interesting vocab. Sorry that we missed your post!

One comment on “Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

  • Barney says:

    we are planting sunflowers, spinach,carrots,beetrot,rosmery,runner beans and dwarf beans. the spinach is ready to eat. sunflowers are growing tall and the other things we are planting are doing well


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