VE Day Friday 8th May 2020

Hello all!

Today is a very special day that we unfortunately cannot celebrate as we had planned. However, rather than your usual home learning, as it is a bank holiday, we decided to post some VE Day activities that you may enjoy completing over the long weekend or in addition to your home learning in the future.

First of all, have a watch of the videos to find out why this day is so important in to our history:

Here are some activities you may want to try:

VE Day wordsearch

VE Day reading comprehension (* is the easiest, *** is the hardest)

VE Day diary writing activity (* is the easiest, *** is the hardest)

VE Day colouring sheets

Make your own Spirtfire

Design your own VE Day medal

Union Jack Bunting

Remember to post any activities you complete on Seesaw. Have a fun and relaxing weekend.

Thursday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Austin – the VE day drawing is great: the solider in particular

Christina – Miss Cope has let the office know and they should be sending you your logins. Well done for completing lots of other work

Molly – great effort on the sock challenge! 5 is impressive

Frankie – full marks on your English quiz – well done!

Harry B – you have made really interesting notes for RE

Megan P – good practice on your maths to consolidate all your learning

Jake – I love that you have made pompoms at home! They look great!

Tayah – you seem to be doing really well at your Oak Academy learning every day

Elif – I really like the hand drawn angles for you to practice your maths

Mark – I am so pleased you have found another exciting and interesting book to read. You have already read a lot!

Tony – well done for your continued practice of maths and grammar

Barney – you’ve made some really good notes about humanism and Christianity. I hope you have learnt something new

Edward – sometimes in maths you may use a different method but still get the right answer. I am pleased that you found a different method but it worked!

Maya – 40/40!!! Your daily practice has paid off – you should be very proud that you got full marks!

Sonny – amazing that you got full marks on today’s arithmetic! You should be so pleased

Alice – I’ve been so impressed with all your maths practice – you are getting great marks

Xav – another reasoning paper and another really fantastic score. I am very proud of all your work

Cohen – I love seeing all your workings out for your maths

Averie – what a good idea to go for a bike ride on a sunny day like today

Chloe M – some great arithmetic practice today including some X table practice – it all helps

Alex – WOW! Your blood poster is amazing! I can’t believe how much effort you have put into your science work!

Thursday’s learning – 7/5/2020


Have a go at one of the writing challenges from the website below. It is free to join but check with an adult first!



Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson four, check answers and upload to seesaw

Complete paper 14 check answers and post on Seesaw:


Our topic this term: Humanism Watch the video to recap what Humanism is and make bullet point notes. Use the website and complete research of one other religion. Draw a table to compare Humanist beliefs with one other religion of your choice (Judaism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, other).

Use the ideas in the left column to find out the beliefs of Humanists and the beliefs of those of the religion of your choice. Think of 3 ideas of your own to add to the table as a challenge.

 Key belief in HumanismKey belief in _________
Marriage –  what happens at the ceremony?  
Name of person who holds the marriage ceremony  
Name further celebrations / ceremonies identified in each religion  
Does the religion have a holy book? What is it called?  
Do they support organ donation?  

Wednesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Freya – I love your 3D art work! You need to tell us how you made them – I would love to know! You have also been completing so much maths every day!

Christina – a very impressed amount of maths you have been completing and you seem to getting lots of ticks

Frankie – you seem to be doing very well on your setting description work – full marks on both tests

Edward – looks like some good work on comparing and ordering fractions

Daniel – I really like how you have edited your writing from yesterday.

Kodey – some good answers on your daily grammar

Maja – busy again: maths, grammar, reading, I wonder what else…

Xav – well done for completing one of the reasoning papers – 32/35 is an incredible score!

Barney – good work on your tenses and another impressive arithmetic score

Tayah – you seem to be getting on well with your maths score

Tony – I hope you found the grammar practice useful for your tenses and well done for correcting your maths when you make a mistake

Averie – well done editing your spellings. I hope your pet helped you concentrate today!

Cohen – good job on spotting capital error mistakes.

Alice – you seem to be doing really well on your arithmetic – I hope you are feeling more confident about maths

Kieran – a fabulous 42/44 on your arithmetic – I wonder if you could get full marks on the next one

Sonny – looks like you’ve done very well on your grammar today!

Megan K – I like some of your editing including capital letters, vocabulary and spellings

Jake – WOW! I am so impressed with how much you have written; you should be so proud of yourself!

Aaron – some great maths today – well done

Harry B – a really detailed report! You have included so many different facts and demonstrated a range of English skills.

Chloe M – a well written biography of William Harvey. You have included lots of interesting points about his life.

Wednesday’s learning – 6/5/2020

English: Editing time!

Have a look back at your biography you wrote yesterday. Can you up-level vocabulary you have used using a thesaurus? Have you checked your sentences have the correct punctuation – capital letters, full stops, commas, brackets, semi-colons, colons? How about handwriting? Have you used a neat, joined style? Redraft your biography and give it to a family member to read – don’t forget to add to the Seesaw account so we can have a read too!


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw


Complete lesson three, check answers and upload to seesaw

Complete arithmetic paper 13, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Freya – I LOVE seeing your reading record still being filled in! I hope you have been enjoying lots of stories and we would love to hear more about it!

Cohen and Averie – love seeing the sock challenge! You both achieve so much every day – you should be very proud

Mark – I’m very impressed with all your cooking; the rocky roads look delicious! Miss Cope will be so pleased that you have finished pig heart boy. You’ll have to let us know what book you are reading next.

Charlie – Great typed up writing about William Harvey

Christina – you should be very proud of your grammar score – 43/50 is amazing! Well done

Morgan – you look like you are concentrating very hard on your work. Your video on how to make blood is AMAZING!

Frankie – Your day of work sounds exciting Frankie: I especially like that you are learning some Spanish and are keeping fit with Joe Wicks

Daniel – I like that you have written a draft piece of writing before editing and improving it

Maya – 39/40 on your arithmetic is brilliant! I hope there weren’t any mistakes on the answer sheet today!

Kieran – Nice to see you keeping up to date with your grammar!

Austin – looks like you’ve been busy today with your grammar and you’ve completed loads of fractions work!

Tayah – I’m very impressed with your daily scores for your English – keep it up! You will need to teach me some Spanish too!

Barney – comparing fractions can be tricky – I’m pleased that you showed resilience and kept going

Kodey – well done for having ago at today’s grammar

Edward – I hope you got the question about Edward correct!

Jake – looks like you’ve done lots of calculations for your maths. I wonder how many you got correct today…

Barney – You have used a great range of punctuation in your biography – well done for continuing to use your great English skills

Elif – I like the diagram to help show how to convert fractions into percents

Megan K – I love the autobiography about yourself – very original and I have least a lot about you!

Tony – a good start to your biography and looks like you have done well with today’s maths

Sonny – great grammar and maths scores! All the daily practice is clearly working!

Xav – a brilliant full marks on your maths – you should be so proud of your achievements! You’ve also impressed with your writing today; a great range of punctuation used

Chloe M – how exciting that you got to see some horses on your walk – I wonder if you were able to feed them…

Nima – great to see you doing some learning at home! Keep posting your work here so we can see it!

Tuesday’s learning – 5/5/2020


Drafting our biography. Have a look at the following image to identify the features of a biography (think back to the one we wrote about Dr Banardo in Autumn 1).

Have a go at drafting your biography. Remember to use subheadings to structure your writing. Here is an example of a biography to help guide you with writing yours:


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson two, check answers and upload to seesaw

Complete arithmetic paper 12 and check answers and post on Seesaw:


Our science objective this week: I can investigate our blood and how it flows through blood vessels

Watch the above video and use the above website link about blood and produce an informative poster about blood and how it flows through our blood cells. Include diagrams, factual information and a colourful layout. Don’t forget to upload to Seesaw! You could even produce it on a Word, Publisher or Powerpoint slideshow if you would prefer!

If possible, have a go at making your own blood in a 2L empty bottle. You could use red food colouring and water for plasma, cereal could represent red blood cells, marshmallows to represent white blood cells and cotton wool could represent platelets! Upload to the seesaw account if you have managed to have a go at making your own blood!

Monday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Even though many of you were busy on our zoom chat today, it’s been great to see all the work you have been busy completing at home!

Christina – You have been doing so much work – I can’t keep up with everything you have uploaded to seesaw but please keep it up

Kodey – great to see that you have been practicing lots of grammar and maths. Do post more of what you have been doing

Barney – love the cupcakes. I wonder how long they lasted in your home…

Ellis – well done for writing your heart poem!

Edward – well done doing today’s grammar

Maja – well done for spotting the mistake on the answer sheet – everyone makes them, even computers!

Chloe M – good use of subheadings to help you organise your notes

Daniel – good use of your computer to help you make notes for your biography

Sonny – A busy morning where you have already written your biography.

Tony – you have made some useful notes for your biography

Cohen – great use of punctuation in your biography

Frankie – I’m so pleased that you are keeping fit and flipping the coin definitely sounds like an interesting way of doing it!

Averie – I am impressed that you have already written your biography

Austin – good to see that you are practice fractions work – they can be tricky

Cohen and Averie – we are so pleased that you liked the Zoom chat!

Megan K – I really like how you have organised your notes for the biography – it is very clear

Alice – a good piece of writing and with some well-placed punctuation

Megan P – On Monday’s post Miss Cope has posted the whole’s week pack and your parents should also have had an email today about grammar hammer and mathletics packs for you to print – I hope this helps

Jesse – good use of bullet points to help organised your biography notes

Alex – your food menu is brilliant. I love the pictures and you have thought of everything, including a snack!

Xav – you’ve found some very interesting notes for your biography – I can’t wait to see the final product

Harry B – I really like your notes on German and English schools – I wonder which one you would like to go to more…