Mrs D’s Shout-Outs for Tuesday!

It was great to see you all 35 of you today. Amazing! I hope you enjoyed the colour game. Can you think of your own colour question?

Frankie- A great score; you have really worked hard at arithmetic this year. Lots of jottings( when necessary ) too!

Phoebe-Wow! You have been busy, lots of creative tasks… a myth and lots of maths.  Brilliant. The cakes look DELICIOUS! What type of cake are they? 

Freya- Great maths and a well presented and clear timetable .

Daniel- Well done for completing the daily maths task.

Maja-A fabulous Picasso interpretation. Its lovely to see some work in subjects I do not teach.

Xav- Well done for the correcting the grammar paper. Some of the spellings were quite unusual!! A very impressive maths score. Miss Cope thought it was great that you had to ‘earn’ your x-box time based on how many you got correct.

Edward and Austin-Well done for completing the arithmetic paper. What was your score? I couldn’t see them

Megan K- Another successful day learning at home. Keep up the good work.​
Harry / Chloe – I love the contrasting colours in your Picasso work.

Averie and Cohen- Your photo made me smile.  Well done for working on the reading paper.

Barney-Another busy day for Barney- very good maths score!

Charlie- Your vegetable garden looks great-everything is growing well.  Please keep us updated on the progress and what you cook with them. 

Sonny-100% in maths-impressive!

Austin-Fantastic abstract art in the style of Picasso. I especially like the hair!

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