Monday’s learning – 4/5/2020


We are going to research, plan and write a biography about a famous scientist called ‘William Harvey – he was the first person to correctly describe the blood’s circulation in the body. Use the following websites/videos to make notes using bullet points.

William Harvey’s early life, his family life, his career (his main theory about blood) and any awards he has been accredited with. Challenge: can you add your own subheading?

Note: remember internet safety when using online videos and check with an adult that the link is safe and appropriate for you to watch.


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson one, check answers and upload to seesaw. Parents note: this is the final week that we will be using White Rose for home learning as they have paired up with BBC Bitesize so from next week, the maths learning will be provided through Bitesize:

Complete arithmetic paper 11, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Hallo liebe Kinder!

Have a watch of this video all about school life in Germany: What is the same about school in Germany compared to Lawford Mead? What is different about school in Germany compared to Lawford Mead? Have a go at creating a booklet, poster, grid or piece of writing to compare the two schools! Viel Spaß! Bis bald! (Have fun! Bye for now!)

In case you missed it…

479-710-7514 is the code you will need to join the zoom meeting we are hosting at 12pm (lunchtime). Look back to the post from Friday regarding the login details and information for your parents.

We are looking forward to catching up with you all today (Monday!)

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