Friday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Noah – How interesting that you mum brought home a model heart. It must be very helpful for your learning with our current topic.

Sonny – You’ve been busy: arithmetic, science, grammar, writing – we’re impressed. Well done for keeping up with everything!

Freya – you seem to be doing very well on your maths activities and full marks on your grammar – well done!

Johnny – I really like that you have been doing your own German learning!

Chloe M – You’ve for some really detailed answers for your reading

Tayah – full marks again on a maths quiz!

Charlie – I really like the last line of your poem which sums the heart up: “It gives us life.”

Frankie – we have been so impressed with all your work Frankie – your work ethic is amazing, even challenging yourself to complete your sister’s work!

Mark – good detail to your reading answers. I wonder if you ever made those brownies…

Maja – I am always so impressed with all the work that you complete daily – you should be very proud of yourself

Daniel – make sure you keep checking your answers as well for your arithmetic – it will make you feel good to know how well you are doing!

Edward – I am impressed with your total grammar scores for today!

Austin – I have learnt loads about the Saxons from all your notes – thank you!

Cohen – You have had a busy Friday and we are very pleased that you are looking forward to our zoom chat on Monday – we are too!

Averie – I love all the arty activities you can been completing today. Can you send a completed photo of your Disney rainbow?

Barney – another busy day with maths and reading. I agree that some of the white rose maths problems are tricky – well done for showing resilience

Tony – good attempts on your grammar, maths and reading – well done!

Jesse – looks like you’ve been doing very well with your grammar practice

Megan K – You have been keeping very busy with all this work every day – it makes all the teachers very happy!

Alex – absolutely amazing that you got full marks again on your arithmetic! Miss Cope will be so pleased that you are enjoying Pig Heart Boy too!

Xav – I am very impressed that you have been teaching Olivia about %. It is not an easy maths concept to teach! I am pleased to hear that slowly you are becoming more adventurous with foods!

Harry B – You have put so much detail into your reading answers and challenging yourself with the white rose problems – well done. I really like the look of your menu, especially the lunches for each day!

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