Model hearts!

We have already had a few photos sent into seesaw of model hearts. Well done Averie and Cohen for these – they are very realistic!

If you manage to create your own heart, please post the photo on seesaw and we might even put it up on the blog for all to see!

Home learning document – 20/4/2020 – 24/4/2020

We have put together a weekly document to be used if it is more suitable for you at home.

The majority of the content is the same as the daily blogs but adapted slightly to avoid the need for external websites. Some children may require maths that has been adapted slightly so in the document we have produced a separate ‘adapted maths’ section to ensure they are practising work suited to them.

We are aware that moving from one link to another can be time-consuming for some so by uploading a week’s worth of learning we hope we can provide further support to those families who would prefer this method.

Thank you for everything that you are doing at home parents and children! Stay safe!

Friday’s learning – 24/4/2020



Complete the three sets of questions:


Maths: Complete lesson five, check answers and upload on to Seesaw:

Complete paper 5 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Using resources you can find at home, create your own images (2D or 3D) of the heart! You could use paint, clay, playdough, sketching pencils, food colouring – anything that your adults do not mind you using as long as you make sure you clean up after yourselves J .  Remember to post your finished creations on Seesaw!

Thursday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Xav – great work on angles in a triangle and a brilliant 36/40 on your arithmetic. Good notes about the heart as well

Tony – good to see you are keeping up to date with maths work

Barney – that cake looks amazing! I am very jealous. Well done for making a very detailed and organised plan for your non-chronological report about the heart. Also, very good maths score: 37/40. I love just hearing notes about what you have done, pictures just make it even better!

Harry B – good notes about the heart and I love how you have turned it into a booklet with a colourful front cover page

Christina – great to see how you are scoring highly in your arithmetic.

Maja – lovely report about the heart and lots more daily maths. I like how you have been doing some coding too

Frankie – well done for getting 5/5 on a maths quiz. I like that you are completing it outside

Mark – I’m impressed with your determination to keep improving your maths and how you are showing lots of resilience

Elif – I like that you are learning about some biology

Daniel – good job on completing your non-chronological report

Edward – well done for competing more grammar and maths activities

Cohen – a very well written report about the heart and I love the information about the peasants revolt

Averie – you have included lots of interesting heart facts! I have learnt a lot reading it.

Alice –   like how you have found out about what the Ancient Egyptians believed about the heart. You have also made another very creative video

Pig-Heart Boy – Ch6-10

Hi year 6, the next 5 chapters are up. I hope you are enjoying the story. Please let me know if you are listening by posting on Seesaw or comment at the bottom of the blog.

Take your laptop/ipad/phone into the garden and listen to the story while taking some time out, listen before bed or listen first thing in the morning with your breakfast.

The main thing we want you to do is to ENJOY listening to the story.

Thursday’s learning – 23/04/2020


Using your notes and subheadings from yesterday, write a non-chronological report about the heart and blood. Focus on:


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson four, check answers and upload to seesaw

Complete paper 4 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Access the code for life website at the above link. You should either have your school login with you or ask your adult to register free for you as long as they do not mind!

Start from level 1 and work your way through the rapid router levels. Record your scores on seesaw and a screenshot of the levels you complete!

Question: What did you find tricky? What new skill did you learn today?

NOTE: If you are trying to join Code for Life, please use the class code RG953 which should allow you access

Wednesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Another busy day of admiring all the brilliant work on Seesaw! Well done and keep it up!

Barney – we love the video with all the heart facts

Elif –  I like the recommendation of the languages app Duolingo to help you learn German and now French. Also a lovely book review for ‘The boy at the back of the classroom’

Charlie – well done for getting 5/5 on your maths quiz. A great plan too for your English writing.

Alice – you have found lots of interesting facts out about the heart

Xav – a very detailed sketch of the human body with the blood flowing and great work keeping up with your maths

Mark – another good drawing showing veins and arteries in the human body and amazing 43/44 on your arithmetic. I love that you have been challenge by the White Rose Maths.

Maja – you are doing so much maths – I can’t keep up! I also love that you are helping around the home and doing some cooking.

Daniel – You have had a busy day learning. Well done for keeping up with maths and brilliant plan for your writing. I can’t wait to see them final product. You have even done some grammar and a class reflection!

Averie – great daily practice of grammar and arithmetic

Cohen – good to see you’re keeping up with math practice

Jesse – It’s great to see you have been looking into your own interests in History – you have found out a lot of information about our monarchs. I am blown away with all your writing! How fantastic that you have been keeping up with it all.

Edward – more maths practice – well done

Tony – some good facts about the heart

Megan K – you’ve been busy today: English, maths and grammar! Keep it up!

Pig-Heart Boy – Chapters 1-5

Hi year 6!

Well done on all your hard work linked to our topic ‘Blood Heart’ so far. We are missing sharing the class text with you so we decided that I (Miss Cope) would record and upload chapters for you to listen to as and when you would like – a bit like podcasts.

Take your laptop/ipad/phone into the garden and listen to the story while taking some time out, listen before bed or listen first thing in the morning with your breakfast.

The main thing we want you to do is to ENJOY listening to the story.

Wednesday’s learning – 22/4/2020


Research the following information and plan a non-chronological report about the circulatory system under the following key sub-headings using bullet point notes:

Heart – appearance and features

Heart – function

Blood – what is it and how it is made

Components of blood


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson 2 and 3 from the White Rose website. I know some parents could not access the Oak National Academy website (released over the weekend from the government) so we have decided to go back to White Rose:

Complete paper 3 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Watch the virtual assembly here linked to the above question: