Languages work

We have seen some great work produced about different languages. Xav has been learning more German, Jake knows his numbers in French, Mark has been learning words in a range of languages and Tayah has learnt some Spanish!

Pig-Heart Boy – Chapters 11-18

Above is the newspaper referred to in Chapter 16 when it is made public about Cameron’s heart transplant.

Enjoy, year 6. Remember to let me know if you are following along with the book podcasts.

I have something special coming your way linked to this topic… keep an eye out 🙂

Miss Cope

Tuesday’s learning – 28/04/2020

English: We’re going to plan a balanced argument for whether heart transplants are a good or bad idea. Complete some research into this statement and create a grid with at least two points for and two points against heart transplants in the following format and use bulleted lists to note down your ideas:

Points for heart transplants Points against heart transplants


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson 2 week 2:

Complete arithmetic paper 7 and check answers and post on Seesaw:


Do you know what affects the heart rate and our breathing rate? We are going to investigate this question!

What is your pulse? Watch the following video about the pulse:

With a sibling or adult at home, have a go at taking your own pulse at resting heart rate (when you are sitting down) for 10 seconds then multiply that number by 6 to get your heart beat per minute. For example, if I measured mine for 10 seconds and it was 9, then I would do 9×6 to get 54 and that would be my heart beat per minute (54 bpm). Use the following table to record your results and upload to seesaw.

Conclusion: What did you find? Were you surprised? Was it a fair test? How could we make our results more reliable? We will look at this in a bit more detail next week…

Extra learning:

Have a go at some of these challenges as an extra task today:

Monday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Xav – love the resilience to complete Mr Pearson’s teapot challenge!

Austin – great drawing – it must have taken you a long time. The poem is lovely too

Maja – the heart drawing is great and so is the bird for German. An excellent poem too

Freya – You’ve been very busy – Art, Maths and a science experiment with your brother!

Barney – I love the heart poem – well done. Great that your maths scores are continuing to stay high

Johnny – a lovely poem about the heart

Daniel  – I like how you have used your computer skills to create your poem

Tayah – well done 6/6 on your English quiz and 5/5 on your maths

Frankie – a busy morning completing your reading and English and now maths

Mark – I would love to see the cakes you are making! Try not to eat them all at once. Fantastic that you got 44/44 on your arithmetic – you should be very proud

Cohen –  I really like the design of your heart poem

Averie – I like the line in your poem: “Life continues from the beating drum”

Jake – I really love the detail in your heart diagram and very well labelled

Emmanuella – I love that you are challenging yourself with some maths of scale factors that we have not covered yet!

Alice – great reading comprehension and I love the cut out heart! Also a very good sketch of the heart – the shading is very well done

Edward –  I love the heart drawing to go alongside your poem

Harry B – I like the first line of your poem: “heroes have big hearts”

Megan K – You have used some lovely vocabulary in your poem – indispensable, churns, muscular

Jesse – 3 heart poems – amazing! So much passion for writing

Monday’s learning – 27/04/2020

English: Thinking about all the new topical vocabulary you have learnt so far, have a go at writing a heart shape poem, making the heart sound strong and powerful (personification!).

Here is an example to start you off. Once you have written your poem, write it out in the shape of a heart, then rub out the outline to leave a shape poem:


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson 1 week 2:

Complete arithmetic paper 6, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Hallo liebe Kinder! 

Here is a great website 

Click on “Lumen’s Language Challenges” and choose a challenge to try (different one to last week!), you may need help with some of them.

Viel Spaß! Bis bald! (Have fun! Bye for now!)

Frau Lees

Week 2 timetable and Home Learning pack

We hope you had a restful weekend, year 6.

This is what your learning will look like for this week:

We have uploaded the Home Learning pack for week 2 for those of you who would prefer working through a document for the week (see previous posts regarding content of these packs).

Alongside this, please remember:

– keep reading daily – using your own book, audible or any reading material you come across including the chapters uploaded of Pig-Heart Boy

– Continue to practise spellings on Spelling Shed – weekly tasks are being set. Can you jump to the top of the leaderboard??

– keep on top of your times tables by using TTR or Hit the Button

Keep safe, Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

We are PROUD!

Year 6,

We cannot begin to say how PROUD we are of you all this week – you have come back to the blogs with a BANG! What an amazing attitude to learning we have witnessed – we are smiling from ear to ear!

We wish you a restful weekend. Stay safe and if you can, keep up with listening to the class book Pig-Heart Boy and post on Seesaw that you are doing so.

Parents – thank you for all your help and continued support for your amazing children this week.

In the voice of Claudia and Tess on Strictly Come Dancing: ‘Keeeeeeep reading!’

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

Friday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs

The great work you are all doing is still coming in and we love seeing it all – there are so many of you to celebrate!

If you do some good work over the weekend, keep posting on Seesaw. If you make something or do something interesting, even if it’s not work from the blog, we would love to see it.

We have already seen great artwork by Alice and a homemade birdfeeder from Charlie.

Maja – Miss Cope will be very happy that you are listening to Pig Heart Boy. Sometimes there are mistakes on the answer sheet – well done for finding it!

Alice – great to see your maths calculations for angles and well done for completing so much arithmetic

Xav – a fantastic report about the heart – well done and I’m pleased you have been listening to the story too. I like the lego heart!

Tony – I have learnt lots from your heart report and more maths! Good effort on your reading and grammar.

Megan K – great grammar practice and it’s nice to see that you are still using good punctuation in your writing

Jesse – I am blown away with how much writing you have done – you should be very proud of all your hard work

Barney – amazing 38/40 on your maths and well done for completing Miss Cope’s reading questions.

Charlie – I love how you have set out your heart report using the images to help explain. Also what a fantastic idea to make a bird feeder! Very creative

Freya – love that you are doing learning in the sun and keeping up with your writing and maths

Tayah – it’s lovely to see that you have been keeping busy with lots of learning including maths – well done

Edward – good job on answering today’s reading questions. You have been busy with lots of grammar too

Mark – I am very impressed with your arithmetic and am pleased you are feeling challenged

Cohen and Averie – what fantastic clay hearts you have both made – very realistic!

Austin – what a great heart drawing – you have included some very fine details and well done for doing lots of maths this morning

Frankie – I love that are working on your reading again in the sunshine and completing some spelling work too. You are very organised at completing your work

Daniel – good maths – keep it up

Emmanuella – very accurate angles diagram and an incredible 40/40 on your arithmetic!