Cyber Bullying Workshop

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have some of the A Level students from Chelmer Valley High School come in to do a workshop about cyber bulling and how to stay safe online. They acted out a range of scenarios and advised us how to keep safe online and when using our phones. We then got to play a game outside which involved making decisions about different scenarios we might find ourselves in when using the internet. After that, we were split into two groups; one group created our own drama pieces about different online scenarios and the other group created posters.

Megan K said: “It was fun and it taught us about internet safety which is something that everyone needs to know about.”

Vinni said: “My favourite part was the game we played where we were given a question and we had to decide what the best action was to do.”

A HUGE thank you to the students and staff at Chelmer Valley High School – we had a great afternoon.

What would YOU do if someone added you online that you have never met? What would you do if you started getting messages from an number you did not recognise?

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(Stay safe online, just use your first name)