Year 6 taking part in the ‘Hour of Code!’

This afternoon, Year 6 took part in the worldwide event called the Hour of Code. They went on a website called Studio Code and coded their own games including Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen.

Bailey said: “The Hour of Code is very good because you can learn how to create your own games!”

Here are some photos of both classes becoming coding masters!

IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_21661 pic

7 comments on “Year 6 taking part in the ‘Hour of Code!’

  • Miss Giles says:

    Really pleased to see such great work going on guys! The hour of code sounds like so much fun – I think we should do this more often! Bailey – can you teach me out how create my own game? Missing you all terribly – hope you have a great final week as we count down till Christmas!

  • Mr Poyton says:

    Incredible coding Year 6. Are any of you thinking about a career in computer programming?
    Mr P

  • It was so cool! 😉 HUGE thank you to Miss Jennings who showed us what to do and Mr Poyton who is the champion on computing.;0

  • Melodie says:

    I really wish I could have done this unfortunately I was out. But it looks really fun. 🙂


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