Redwood Trip to Newland Spring Library

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On Tuesday 10th November, Redwood class visited our local library. Pupils were given the opportunity to learn about:

‘Where fiction and non-fiction books are set up’ Eddie

‘That you don’t have to be a certain age to get a library card – one lady was even 101.5!’ Isabelle C

‘Non-fiction books have numbers on the side of them, which was a system devised by Melvil Dewey in 1876.’ Sophie

‘Some fiction books are set out in alphabetical order’ Kiana

‘You can borrow audio books and dvds from the library too!’ Melodie

‘The books have different codes on them for levels of reading confidence’ Katie

‘You don’t have to go to the desk, you can scan your own books on self-service machine’ Bailey

Also pupils were able to get and renew library cards so that they could borrow some books of their choice.

8 comments on “Redwood Trip to Newland Spring Library

  • isabelle c and kiana says:

    our class had a fun time at the library, we learnt so much about books and how to get a library card.

  • I love the library and reading books that you don’t have to buy. Also it is good that you can listen to audios for free. The library has a very good system for making sure it is easy to find the books we would like to borrow. If you go there without a card you can get one or you can get it put away for later.

  • My class and I had a wonderful time and we all learnt so much! I loved books any way, but now I love them even more.


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