Redwood Science Day




On Wednesday 4th November, Redwood Class had a fantastic ‘Science-themed’ Day. In literacy we looked at a light poem called ‘A Light Exists in Spring’ by Emily Dickinson. In maths some of us completed some Science -themed word problems and in Miss Giles’ set we were forensic investigators cracking codes and worked on some ‘sciencey’ problems. We shared what we learnt at the end of the lesson and taught each other our science problems.

In the afternoon, we looked at how light travels and set up an experiment using torches, chalk, lego, white paper and black paper. It was really fun. Below is Mohamod’s write-up of what we did.



At the end of the day, a visitor came in with a huge, inflatable planetarium. We were able to discover our planet and the solar system in a different way.

What was your favourite part of the day?

What did you learn?

Would you like the inflatable planetarium to come back?

Which was your favourite planet to visit?


Bailey & Eddie

9 comments on “Redwood Science Day

  • The planetarium was epic!!!!!! All of the planets were very interesting and i would love it to come back again.

  • My favourite part of the day was in Redwood maths set we did code breaking. We learnt loads of new and exciting facts in the inflatable planetarium and yes, I would like it to come back. My favourite planet to visit was Mars because their has been signs of water which could of lead to life on ‘the red planet.’ 🙂 It was so fun!

  • Melodie says:

    I really liked the planetarium because we got to learn what makes up Saturn’s rings. We also got to learn about why the sun rises and set at different times in the winter and summer.

  • Katie and Ally says:

    Our favourite part was when we got to see the inside of the planetarium and visit lots of planets our favourite planet was saturn.

  • Melodie/Lola says:

    I really liked when we went in the planetarium when the roof came open and seeing the planets, my favourite planets was Neptune and pluto.


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