Art Solutions – By Isobel L & Sophie


On Monday 2nd of November and Tuesday 3rd of November Art Solutions came in to help create the breathtaking masterpiece (located in the KS1 hallway.) On Monday they came in and helped us start the project. On Tuesday we finished our wildlife by adding engaging colours to them. Also the year 6s had a lot of enjoyment helping the younger ages!

‘Fiddling with paper can make your imagination run wild!’ Isabel L and Sophie.


6 comments on “Art Solutions – By Isobel L & Sophie

  • Katie and Ally says:

    It was really fun when we helped the key stage1 and got to see the finished desplay

  • Isabelle says:

    I wish I could carry on doing it, I had so much fun with helping Chestnut. They all enjoyed it – I worked with Lucy K as she found it hard and asked me for help.


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