Week 6 Homework – 8/10/21

Hello Year 5!

  • Here is your homework for this week. We will set it on a Friday and it is due in by the following Friday.
  • You will have a reading comprehension task and a maths task to complete.
  • Download the sheets below to complete. You can complete your homework on paper or by printing the sheets and writing on them.
  • Submit your work on Seesaw, using the Seesaw code that is stuck into your Reading Records.
  • You can also bring your completed homework into school to show your teacher.


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Writing Homework

Write a story inspired by one of the images below, make sure you use some of the grammar and punctuation skills that we have looked at in Year 5 so far. There is a word mat to help you.

Maths Homework

Apply your column addition skills to complete the bingo cards below. You can play on your own or perhaps your could challenge someone at home. Make sure to show your workings as to how you generated the number to complete on the bingo card.

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