Week 4 Homework

Hello Poplar and Pine!

Have a go at the following activities and then submit your work on Seesaw, using the Seesaw code that has been stuck into your Reading Records. You can complete it either on a piece of paper or by printing the sheets:



We are revising Modal Verbs this week. Watch the video below and complete the activity.


For maths, apply your understanding of adding fractions with the same denominators by solving the two riddles in the document below. There is no need to print the sheet out, you can just write out your answers on a piece of paper. 

For those who wish to then tackle addition of fractions with denominators that are not multiples of each other have a go at the more complicated riddles below. 

The answers are attached at the bottom of the sheets or as an additional document – no peeking!!

Don’t forget to use Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Also, write in your Reading Record when you read at home, then put all of your work on SeeSaw.

Miss Mullinger and Miss Busby

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