Home Learning 18/1/21

Hello, Year 5!

Here is the home learning for today. Remember that you don’t need to print off the work you can complete it on a separate piece of paper.

Each day we expect you to complete:

-20 minutes of reading

-20 minutes of Times Table Rockstars

-20 minutes of Spelling Shed


This week we will be revising our knowledge of using inverted commas in the dialogue (speech). Watch the video below to remind yourself of the rules that you need to follow.

Have a look through your reading book and other texts you can find around your house. Can you find different examples of how dialogue is used? Write a list of the features of dialogue you find.


Read this extract from Cosmic and answer the questions next to it.


Today, we are starting our new topic of long multiplication (multiplying numbers by 2 digits). This is a new concept, so it may require a little bit of parent/carer involvement. We are going to use White Rose Video uploads to support you with this new learning. Do not worry, if you initially find this difficult as we are going to be focusing on long multiplication all week. We will also revisit this with you when we get back into school.

Watch the video introducing multiplying two digits by two digits. The video link refers to answering certain questions on a work sheet; do not worry about this as the questions provided on the blog are different to these, in order to be able to provide more differentiation of challenge.

Once you have watched the video have a go at the worksheet attached, remembering to lay out your work as modelled in the video. Choose the appropriate challenge level for you and don’t forget to self-mark your answers.


Digital time

Here is how you say the time (digitally). You use the 24 hour clock in German:

10.15 am = zehn Uhr fünfzehn    11.20 am = elf Uhr zwanzig      1.50 pm = 13.50 in 24 hour clock = dreizehn Uhr fünfzig         4.30 pm = 16.30 in 24 hour clock = sechzehn Uhr dreißig.

Task 1: Match the words with the correct time

acht Uhr vierzig9.10
neunzehn Uhr fünfundzwanzig20.00
vierzehn Uhr zwanzig7.05
siebzehn Uhr fünfundvierzig11.15
zwanzig Uhr8.40
neun Uhr zehn19.25
elf Uhr fünfzehn17.45
sieben Uhr fünf14.20

Task 2:

Write in words and/or film yourself saying the times in German. Remember to use the word Uhr after the hours. 

a. 3.45b. 5.40c. 6.10d. 10.25e. 15.15f. 4.35g. 16.55h. 8.20

Task 3/Challenge:

Write 6 of your own digital times and write them / say them in German. If you are confident with your numbers you could include other times, eg, 7.28, that are not just in the 5 times table. 

I look forward to seeing your work on Seesaw.

The answers are at the bottom of the PDF documents, no peeking! Post your work on SeeSaw so we can see how you are doing.

Miss Mullinger and Miss Busby

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