Home Learning 14/1/21

Hello, Year 5!

Here is the home learning for today. Remember that you don’t need to print off the work you can complete it on a separate piece of paper.

Each day we expect you to complete:

-20 minutes of reading

-20 minutes of Times Table Rockstars

-20 minutes of Spelling Shed


Write your Pobble story that you planned yesterday. Don’t forget to give it a title! Use the word mats to help you include similes and metaphors.


Read this extract from Cosmic and answer the questions next to it.


Today we are looking at using the formal method for multiplying by 1 digit numbers.

Watch the video below (between 3:20 and 7:26) for an explanation as to how use the formal method.

Below is a layout sheet which shows a worked example and then a challenge sheet of calculations for you have a go at.


Question: How are the Earth, Sun and Moon connected?

Research and answer these questions.

Here is some information to help you:

Watch these videos below:



Can you make a model of the Sun, Earth and Moon? Think about the relative sizes of them (the sun will definitely be the biggest!)

Now copy and complete these statements:

It takes the Earth _________________ to spin on its axis.

The Moon takes ___________________ to orbit once around the Earth.

The Earth takes ______________________ to orbit once around the Sun.

The answers are at the bottom of the PDF documents, no peeking! Post your work on SeeSaw so we can see how you are doing.

Miss Mullinger and Miss Busby

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