Home Learning 12/1/21

Hello, Year 5!

Here is the home learning for today. Remember that you don’t need to print off the work you can complete it on a separate piece of paper.

Each day we expect you to complete:

-20 minutes of reading

-20 minutes of Times Table Rockstars

-20 minutes of Spelling Shed



Today we are continuing to look at metaphors and similes. Watch this video below to refresh your memory on what a simile and a metaphor is (you can complete the challenge they set in the video if you like), then finish the simile or metaphors in the activity below.


Read this extract from Cosmic and answer the questions next to it. There is slightly more to read today so the questions are on the last sheet, the answers are upside down so you’re not tempted to look first!

Also, don’t forget to use Epic reading if you can. It has a wide variety of books for you to enjoy!


We are building on our lesson from yesterday when we multiplied by multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000. The layout sheet below details how we can use the grid (or area) method for multiplication.

There is then a challenge sheet of calculations for you to apply this method for yourself, choosing the appropriate challenge level for you.


  • Key question: How do different religions believe the universe was created?
  • Definition of creation: 1. The action or process of bringing something into existence

                                                2. The creating of the universe especially when regarded as an act of God.

  • There are many different ideas about how our world was created.

Write down any ideas you have heard or things you believe, how do you think the universe was created?

  • Write your own creation story, you can use the English skills that you have learnt in Year 5 so far.

The answers are at the bottom of the PDF documents, no peeking! Post your work on SeeSaw so we can see how you are doing.

Miss Mullinger and Miss Busby

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