Home Learning 8/1/21

Hello, Year 5! Here is the home learning for today. Remember that you don’t need to print off the work you can complete it on a separate piece of paper.

Each day we expect you to complete:

-20 minutes reading

-20 minutes of Times Table Rockstars

-20 minutes of Spelling Shed


Review your story from yesterday and edit it. Try to include parenthesis (it doesn’t have to be all three) in your writing too. Use a dictionary and thesaurus to help you.

Once you have finished editing your work, have a go at either D, E or GD activities in the document:


Read this extract from Cosmic and answer the questions next to it.


Today, we are consolidating our understanding of column subtraction by applying the skill to solving word problems. It is important to always read the instruction and apply RUCSAC.

Remember, word problems need to be answered in a full sentence and include units.

As an extension, feel free to try the dicey game challenge.


Using your design that you created earlier this week, using resources around you, make your lunar buggy.

You can also create a backdrop for it and film a short story for Seesaw!

The answers are at the bottom of the PDF documents, no peeking! Post your work on SeeSaw so we can see how you are doing.

Have a relaxing weekend, see you all on Monday!

Miss Mullinger and Miss Busby

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