Seesaw shout outs 25/06/2020

Edward – Well done for completing your Maths work today.

Ria – Great Maths and English work, well done.

Amelie- A fantastic poem for your pobble writing, well done!

Gam – A brilliant story for your pobble writing today, I really like the use of different size paragraphs for effect!

Nic – Well done for completing your English work!

Erin – Well done for your coding work today.

Poppy – Great Maths explanations, well done.

Imogen – Great pobble writing!

Thomas – Fantastic Maths work and pobble writing today, well done.

3 comments on “Seesaw shout outs 25/06/2020

  • Hamsini says:

    Hell this is Hamsini,
    Yesterday I sensed my seesaw maths work and when I go on the Year 5 blog I am not on there.
    I just came to ask why I am not on there
    Thank you

    • Miss Smith says:

      Hello Hamshini, I’m sorry you weren’t mentioned in the shout outs on Friday- your work may have been uploaded after Miss Knight had looked at them and posted. Keep uploading this week, try to make sure your work is on Seesaw before 3.30pm. Miss Smith 🙂

  • Hamsini says:

    Hi this is Hamsini
    I am sorry that I spelt Hello wrong and sensed was supposed to be sent
    Thank you


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