Wednesday’s Learning 24.6.20

English: Continue to write your 3rd person narrative, using the basic sentences and improving using DADWAVERS.

Grammar: Watch the video below for today’s grammar topic and complete the worksheet

Maths: Multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000:

Complete week 38, Wednesday arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


This week’s story: Following a three-month closure period, Chester Zoo and many other zoos have been allowed to reopen.

Question: Should zoos have been allowed to reopen earlier?

Watch the virtual assembly here linked to the above question:

2 comments on “Wednesday’s Learning 24.6.20

  • Hi Miss Smith,
    I was marking the My mini Maths and over the past few weeks some of the answers were incorrect .I was just letting you know because, even though it is out of the school’s control, some people rely solely on the answers so their child’s answers could potentially be marked wrong.It would be nice if you could warn us on the blog.Thanks.
    Kiru, Gam’s mum


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