Science Week!

What a busy Science week we have had in Year 5!

We have made and tested out bottle rockets:



We have had a go at making parachutes using different materials to test which one would keep us the safest:

In Pine we also had a go at investigating the force of objects using a Newton meter and exploring how craters are formed and why their size varies:

What has been your favourite part of Science week?

7 comments on “Science Week!

  • Haniya says:

    My favourite part was making the rockets! Our rocket almost landed near me when we launched it.

  • Alisia says:

    My favourite part was also the rockets because it was really fun seeing the reaction of the bicarbonate of soda and the vinegar mixed together and the explosion and one of the rockets flew so high it landed behind Reece.

  • Emily Martin pine year 5 says:

    I enjoyed the rocket building it was really fun it was also really funny when one of the rockets flew behind Reece (it nearly hit his head). Thanks Reece for saving me and Alisia for most of the rockets

  • Katrina says:

    It was soooo fun making them 😀 It was awesome when they flew up in the air!
    Ten out of ten would do again!! ;D

  • Jessicaw says:

    The rocket’s were sooooo fun my faveret part was when we all got to whach them launch most off the rocket’s that took off flew above are heads and so high


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